Barossa Viticulturist of the Year

Selection conditions & criteria


Any member of the public is welcome to nominate a Barossa Viticulturist of the Year.

Definition of a Barossa viticulturist

  • One who is resident of and produces grapes in the Barossa
  • One who is involved in establishing, maintaining and managing vineyards
  • One who puts emphasis on production of premium Barossa grapes

Basis for selection

Has demonstrated any combination of the following:

  • Produces and/or establishes technical quality standards;
  • Uses growing methods to produce an end result of excellence;
  • Has produced grapes which have resulted in outstanding wines at domestic and international level;
  • Produces grapes which are made into wine which exhibits all the hallmarks of the unique Barossa style;
  • Has achieved local, national or international recognition;
  • Has contributed to innovative winemaking techniques;
  • Has been involved in presentation at technical conferences;
  • Has made a positive  contribution to the Barossa Grape Growing and Wine Industry ;
  • Is involved in Viticultural R&D;
  • Continually strives for sustainable viticulture;
  • Has a property management plan and shows examples of best practice.

Selection panel

  • To consist of at least five members that can be drawn from:
    • Barons of Barossa
    • Barossa Grape & Wine Association 
    • Independent suitably qualified people nominated at the Barons’ discretion
  • The selection committee to be nominated and confirmed by the Grand Council by November of each year
  • A shortlist of candidates to be selected by the panel each year by December and the names and recommendation to be submitted to the Grand Council by the end of that month for consideration. The Grand Council to confirm the final selection.
  • The nominated Viticulturist to be made aware of his/her responsibilities prior to acceptance.

Presentation of the award

This award will be presented to the Viticulturist, not to his/her Company 

This award will be presented on the occasion of the Declaration of Vintage in February each year.

Responsibilities of the recipient

  • To promote, generally Barossa grapes and wines when called on at a mutually agreed time, by either the Barons or BGWA.
  • To assist in promoting the Barossa when delegations visit the area.
  • To host or help to run a regional workshop or field day in an area of their interest and expertise.

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