Meet the Barons

  • Ahrens, Robert Ernest
  • Ahrens, Stefan
  • Alderslade, Robert Neville
  • Anders, Brian Eric
  • Anderson, Graham Lancelot
  • Angas, Jan
  • Angas, John
  • Angelakis, Michael
  • Archer, Alan Wayne
  • Armstrong, David
  • Ashmead, Allister
  • Ashmead, Cameron
  • Ashmead, Julie
  • Ashmead, Neil Joseph
  • Beckwith, Arthur Ray
  • Beer, Maggie
  • Biscoe, Patsy
  • Blackwell, Stuart Kelso
  • Blass, Wolfgang Franz Otto
  • Boettger, Horst Johann
  • Booth, Devron
  • Bosward, Reid
  • Bowen, Anita
  • Bruce, Ian Baines
  • Burge, Grant
  • Burge, Helen Margaret
  • Caillard, Andrew
  • Caon, Primo Fortunato
  • Clarke, Peter
  • Crittenden, Douglas Oscar
  • Dallwitz, Martin Hubert
  • Dickson, Grant
  • Dolan, Nigel Alistair
  • Donald, Fiona
  • Downer, Alexander
  • Dunstan, Donald
  • Dutschke, Wayne
  • Duval, John
  • Evans, Leonard Paul
  • Fairbrother, George Edward
  • Falland, John
  • Falland, Steve
  • Ferrari, Jane
  • Fraser, John Malcolm
  • Gaetjens, Colin Frederick
  • Gago, Peter
  • Gibson, Rob
  • Glaetzer, Benjamin
  • Glaetzer, Colin James
  • Glaetzer, John Charles
  • Godfrey, James
  • Gramp, Colin Raymond
  • Gramp, Sidney Douglas
  • Gransbury, William (Bill)
  • Haan, Hans
  • Hackett, Walter Maxwell
  • Halliday, James
  • Hamilton, Robert Frank
  • Hankel, Valmai
  • Hatcher, Chris
  • Henschke, Cyril Alfred
  • Henschke, Prue
  • Henschke, Stephen Carl
  • Hesketh, Robert William
  • Hickin, Bernard
  • Hickinbotham, Ian Laurie
  • Hill-Smith, Helen
  • Hill-Smith, Wyndham
  • Hoffmann, Adrian
  • Hoffmann, Bruce Christian
  • Hongell, Ian
  • Hurn, Brian Morgan
  • Hyland, Jeffrey Penfold
  • Irvine, Jim
  • Irvine, Joanne
  • Jenkins, Ross Edward
  • John, Galvin
  • John, Peter
  • John, Warren Robert
  • Jones, Judith Grace
  • Kalleske, Troy
  • Kolarovich, George
  • Kraehenbuhl, Dean Leyland
  • Kronberger, Rudolf
  • Laucke, Condor Louis
  • Lehmann, Douglas McCaig
  • Lehmann, Peter Leon
  • Liebich, Clarence Walter
  • Lindner, James
  • Ludbrook, Albert John
  • Lynas, Timothy John
  • Macmahon, Roger Morton
  • Mader, Hazel Gloria
  • March, Trevor
  • McLean, Bob
  • McNamara, Mark
  • Melton, Charlie
  • Obst, David George
  • Obst, Stanley Raymond
  • Pech, Leo Walter John
  • Penley, Aaron
  • Prass, Guenter
  • Rankine, Bryce Crossley
  • Reimann, Dennis Leonard
  • Reuter, Colin Albert
  • Roberts, Robert Thomas
  • Rose, Louisa
  • Rosenberg, Peter
  • Scarce, Kevin
  • Schiller, Rex Bronte
  • Schrapel, Geoff
  • Schubert, Max
  • Schubert, Rod
  • Schuller, Josef
  • Seppelt, Hilton (Bill) Mervyn
  • Seppelt, Karl Josef
  • Sharp, Victor Bradley
  • Sheppard, Francis Walter
  • Shipster, Reginald Frederick
  • Simic, Peter
  • Sinclair, Robin
  • Smith, Keith
  • Stelzer, Tyson
  • Storey, Barbara
  • Teusner, Berthold Herbert
  • Teusner, Kym
  • Thiele, Bruce James
  • Thumm, Hermann
  • Tolley, Peter James
  • Venning, Ivan
  • Viergever, Gerald Christian
  • Voake, Martin Louis
  • Wall, Peter
  • Waples, Brian Peter
  • Ward, Warren William
  • Wark, Alfred Andrew
  • Wark, James
  • Wells, Shavaughn
  • White, Philip Christopher
  • Whyatt, Malcolm
  • Wigan, Andrew
  • Wilkinson, Alfred Neil

Induction: 25.04.2003

After leaving school in 1953, Bob began work with his Father in the family Blacksmith Shop at Sheaoak Log. He is a third generation of the family business which started in the early 1900's.

Set in a rural area he decided to spend time working on farms to apprentice himself to the needs of the rural areas. In 1958 he came back to the workshop with the task of changing the workshop from what it was to a steel fabricating business that would cater for the needs of the area.

The business grew under Bob's leadership, with a series of well executed expansion plans. The Company became a principal supplier of fabricated steel, grain silos, rural sheds, industrial and commercial buildings, servicing many different industries, the major of these being the wine industry.

The Company's rapid growth won it a place for five consecutive years in the Business Review Magazines 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies. Today the Company has a national focus with branches and work being carried out in every State and Territory in Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

Bob has a keen taste for a glass of good wine and finds much pleasure in promoting the great flavours of our Barossa Wines.

Induction: 07.11.2009

Stefan Ahrens is a keen sportsman and a devoted family man who enjoys spending time with his wife Leanne and children Ellen and Riley as well as family and friends.

At the age of 25 Stefan took over the 4th generation family business as Managing Director. The business has now grown into the Ahrens Group employing over 200 staff with operations in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. The company is nationally focused with five main operating divisions. The company has been listed in BRW's top 100 fastest growing private companies for many years and is currently among the top 500 private companies in Australia.

In 2003 Stefan was named South Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He has also been involved in various local, national and international Boards over the years and is currently Chairman of the Australian Steel Institute.

The Ahrens Group has recently purchased Kingsford, a magnificent National Trust homestead in the Barossa which they plan to renovate and restore to its former glory.

Stefan's latest project is to improve on his current reigning runner-up status to become the champion of the Bruce Thiele SA Pickled Onion competition at next year's Tanunda Show.

Induction: 21.10.1988

Neville was born in Bendigo, Victoria and educated in Melbourne and Rosebud. His family moved to Mildura but after the disastrous 1956 floods they moved to the Barossa. Neville's first love was music and it was in this area that he made an outstanding contribution to the Barossa. Neville's musical career commenced while he was in Melbourne when at the age of 10 started playing with the Malvern Band followed by the Preston and Mildura Bands.

In 1956 he joined the Tanunda Town Band as a player and held the position of Musical Director for many years. He is also a past member of the Preston and Mildura orchestras, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and was a leading jazz trumpeter.

Whilst Musical Director of the Tanunda Town Band he led the Band in music competitions and promotional ventures to New Zealand, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and throughout Australia.

Neville has been a music teacher devoting many long hours to help develop young Barossa musicians. He has also personally contributed to many local events including the Barossa Vintage Festival and Melodie Nacht.

Induction: 16.04.1982

Brian is the son of the late Eric Louis Anders and great-grandson of Ernst Anders, who founded E Anders & Sons Pty Ltd, Agricultural Engineers and Manufacturers, Freeling, South Australia in 1865.

Brian was educated at Freeling Primary School, Gawler High School and Prince Alfred College. In 1967 he married Rosemarie Laucke of Greenock and they have two sons.

Member of the family Company 1965, Managing Director 1972 and Chairman of Directors 1982.

In 1978 the family group of companies diversified into the wine and spirit business and Brian was:

  • Managing Director of Andvin Pty Ltd

  • Chairman of Hoffman's North Para Wines Pty Ltd

  • Director and Secretary of Masterson Barossa Vignerons Pty Ltd

  • Established a $2m bulk stainless steel storage farm at Andvin Pty Ltd, 1979

  • Brian has also been very active in community organisations:

  • District Council of Freeling, 1968

  • Chairman of District Council of Light

  • Past Chairman of Freeling District Hospital Board

  • Member Freeling Oval Board and Freeling Institute

  • President of the Local Government Association of South Australia

  • Member of Australian Council of Local Government Associations

  • Represented Local Government on Road Safety Council of South Australia

  • Member of the Extractive Industries Committee of South Australia

  • Executive Member of the Mid North Local Government Association, 1970-1979

  • Vice President of Mid North Local Government Association, 1972-1973

  • President of Mid North Local Government Association, 1973-1974

Induction: 09.08.1980

Graham Lancelot George Anderson was born in Loxton, South Australia on 2nd October 1938, the son of a school teacher Lance Anderson and his wife Selma.

Educated at Pinkerton Plains (via Wasleys) and Sedan; Nuriootpa and Adelaide Boys High Schools; University of Adelaide; Adelaide Teachers' College; South Australian Institute of Technology, graduating Bachelor of Science 1960, Diploma of Secondary Education 1964, Graduate Diploma of Business Administration 1972.

Graham married Heather Margaret Scott in 1962. They have two daughters and one son.

Professional career

  • High school teacher, Nuriootpa High School, 1960-1963

  • Senior Chemist, Tarac, 1964-

  • Assistant General Manager, Tarac, 1972-1975

  • General Manager, Tarac Group of Companies, 1975-

  • Director, Tarac Industries Pty Ltd and subsidiaries since 1972

  • Director, North Para Environment Control Pty Ltd since 1975

Other activities

  • Deputy Chairman, Angaston District Council (member of various Council sub-committees)

  • Member of Council, The Australian Wine Research Institute

  • Member of Executive Committee, South Australian Wine & Brandy Producers' Association

  • Member of Technical sub-Committee, Australian Association of Wine & Brandy Producers' Association

  • Member of Brandy sub-Committee, Australian Association of Wine & Brandy Producers' Association

  • Member of North Para Water Resources Advisory Committee

  • Member of Board of Trustees, Barossa Valley Public Library

  • Member of Council, Gawler College of Further Education

  • Member of Advisory Committee, School of Chemical Technology, South Australian Institute of Technology

Induction: 20.10.2007

With a strong passion for wine and food, Jan fell into her Garden of Eden by marrying a Barossan, John Angas. It took some time for Jan to wheedle her way into traditional Barossa family kitchens but her perseverance led to her taking on the challenge to keep and build on our region's history with wood ovens, orchards and smokehouses.

Jan was instrumental, along with fellow foundation members Margaret Lehmann, Mark McNamara and Aaron Penley, in the creation of Food Barossa, the first regional food group in the state, which led the way for the formation of 12 regional food groups across South Australia and the Regional Food of SA Co-Operative, based in the Barossa.

Along with Hutton Vale, the 6th generation mixed farm run by John, Jan and their 3 children, Jan also runs Farm Follies as a means of value adding from their primary business. Jan has always believed in opening up the doors of historical Hutton Vale to share Barossa Life for special events including Tasting Australia, Barossa Slow, the University of Gastronomic Sciences visits, international, interstate and local visitors. She has staged special interest days at Hutton Vale with a personal and real approach that is the signature of the Barossa, including The Smokehouse, Sausage Making, Butchery Skills and Preserving, which have featured in books, magazines, DVD's, television and films.

In recognition of Jan's creative participation in the region's food culture, Jan was invited to attend Terra Madre, Slow Food's international conference in Italy.

Jan's passion for food and wine is matched by her commitment to the arts. Believing that art is the greatest instrument to measure community health and connected social structure, she has worked to make the arts accessible for all. Her Board and Committee commitments include Playing Australia, Country Arts of SA Regional Board, the Barossa International Music Festival Board, Angaston Town Day Committee, Leisure Options Working Committee, Barossa Arts and Convention Centre working group, The Barossa Arts Council and most recently SALA (South Australian Living Artists) with the Barossa being the focus region of the state for 2007. Jan has also been a driving force in the Barossa Arts Hub project.

Jan's passion for the culinary heritage of the Barossa and her hands on approach to the integration of food, wine, art to benefit the community make her an ideal Baron of the Barossa.

Induction: 16.10.2016



John is a 6th generation Barossan.  Hutton Vale Farm, home to John and his family, is part of the original Angas land holdings.

174 years later, John leads the agricultural pursuits on Hutton Vale Farm and has endured and embraced many changes over the decades. He, with his wife Jan, have focused on value adding to their primary production and by also adopting a more sustainable farming system has been able to produce outstanding food and wine.

In keeping with his family tradition, John’s commitment to the local community remains strong and quiet. Over the years he has actively involved himself in:

Leisure Options,

Carer’s Link,

 the CFS,

Angaston Park,

Barossa Farmers Market,

Town Committees

 Special community education programs……the list goes on!

John is currently Chairing the Barossa Village Incorporated, and serving on The Barossa Council and its various sub committees.

His personal interests include, farming, motor bike riding making things in his workshop, often of artistic merit, as well as spending time on the river in wooden boats surrounded  by his family -  especially 3 little grand daughters .











Induction: 15.10.2005

Michael Angelakis AM was born in Ceduna, SA and was educated at Ceduna and Woodville primary schools and the Findon High School.

Michael joined the family business in 1969 whilst studying Business Studies part time at the SA Institute of Technology. During this time he became involved with all aspects of the retail business and is credited with instigating the company's marketing arms specialising in importing and exporting products to Europe, the United States of America and Asia as well as establishing a national distribution network.

In 1985 Michael was appointed to his current position of Managing Director and in 1991/92 became a major shareholder and co-owner of the company. The company which Michael heads has a staff of 140 and a management team of 16.

Current Boards and Associations:

  • Seafood Council (SA) Ltd, Director Post Harvest, Board Member 2003 to present

  • Seafood Industry Development Steering Committee, Chairman 2003 to present

  • Premier's Food Council, Member 2003 to present, Sub-committee, Strategic Sector Development Working Committee

  • Australian Fisheries & Seafood Forum (Federal)

  • Member of the Order of Australia, appointed Australia Day 2003 for service to the development and promotion of the South Australian seafood, wine, food and tourism industries, and to the community through support for health and social welfare agencies.

  • Justice of the Peace, 1979 to present

Past Boards and Associations:

  • South Australian Tourism Commission, Board Member 1995-2002, SA Tourism Awards Judge on Board 1992 and 1993

  • South Australian Wine Tourism Advisory Board, Board Member 2002-2004

  • Seafood Industry Development Board, Primary Industries, Board Member 1997-2003

  • Australian Fisheries Academy, Board Member, 1998-2002

  • Seafood Council (SA) Ltd, Fishing Industry, Board Member, 1998-1999

  • SA Fishing Promotion Centre, Founding Chairman and Executive Chairman, 1980-1985

  • Australian Seafood Promotional Council, Executive Director, 1982-1985

  • Seafood Processors and Marketers Association of SA, Executive Member, 1986-present

  • SA Development Council, Aquaculture and Strategy Committee, Board Member 1995-1997

  • Lord Mayor's Advisory Forum, Forum Member, 1994-1997

  • Central Market Traders Association and Subsidiary Bodies, Member 1980-1992

  • Victoria Square Traders Association and Subsidiary Bodies, Member 1980-1992

  • Young Presidents' Association, Member 1985-1993


  • Michael has been actively involved in several radio talkback programs on ABC Radio and 5DN and is currently featured on 5AA.


  • Channel 9, "Out of the Blue" Executive Producer/Presenter, Seafood Cooking/Tourism/Lifestyle Show 2002-present

Cooking Segments:

  • Channel 9, "Adelaide Today" 1984-1998

  • Channel 7, "State Affair", Keith Martyn

  • ABC/Channel 2, cooking programme "Come and Get It" with Peter Russell-Clarke

  • ABC/Channel 2, "Consuming Passions", Ian Parmenter


  • The Advertiser, Adelaide, feature writer (current)

  • The Herald-Sun, Melbourne, feature writer

Induction: 16.04.1982

Alan was born in Prospect, South Australia on 13th September 1916, the son of Herbert F and Vera G Archer. He was educated at Primary School Pulteney Grammar, Junior and Senior School at St Peters College.

On leaving school he worked on the family fruit property at Renmark until the outbreak of war in 1939 during which he served in the RAAF as a pilot and attained the rank of Wing Commander. He is a foundation member of the Tanunda RSL.

After the war he and his wife returned to the Barossa and for three and a half years he was district representative for Caltex Oil Company, an occupation which necessitated regular and frequent calls on all wineries in the area, so forming many strong and lasting friendships in the industry.

It was during this period the District Community Christmas Tree and Party was inaugurated, an annual event held on the Nuriootpa Oval, and for sixteen years he performed as Father Christmas at this function.

In 1949 he moved to Adelaide to joint the All-British Motor House as Manager of Commercial Vehicle Division. He remained in the motor vehicle industry until the commencement of Chesser Cellars in 1964 which he managed for ten years organising regular wine tastings and promotions.

He was a Member of the Bacchus Club of Adelaide since 1949 and served for nine years on the Committee and was President in 1959.

Induction: 21.10.1988

Born near Liverpool, UK and is married to Glenda with two sons. Educated in England, graduating at the Liverpool University with a Degree in Industrial Chemistry.

David emigrated to Australia in 1967 and was employed at B Seppelt & Sons, Seppeltsfield before transferring to Great Western and then returning to the Barossa in 1974.

In 1976 he joined the Reynella/Hungerford Hill Wine Group, working in the Southern Vales and in the Hunter Valley.

He returned to the Barossa to work in winemaking with Saltram Wines in 1979 and several years later joined the Penfolds organisation in a senior technical capacity at the Penfolds/Kaiser Stuhl complex.

David has been a Member of the Jaycees in the Barossa Valley and an Apexian interstate.

He was Chairman of the Festival Finale Committee of the Vintage Festival Association 1981-1985 and became President of the Vintage Festival Association in 1987.

Induction: 07.11.2009

Allister Ashmead was born on the 28th February 1976. He is married to Rebecca and they have two daughters, Charlotte and Sofie.

Allister is the youngest son of Elderton Winery founders Lorraine and the late Neil Ashmead and is one half (along with brother Cameron) of the second generation to continue the family wine business.

Since February 2000, Allister has attended to all facets of the business but has mainly focussed on the dual roles of marketing and production.

In the late 1990's Allister obtained a commerce degree from the University of Adelaide majoring in marketing and management. This qualification along with many hours in the Elderton vineyard as a youngster, a couple of vintages in cellars at home and abroad and a grounding in wholesale and retail sales, has enabled Allister to be an important contributor in the production team. The hard work has seen Elderton grow organically to become one of Australia's great small family wineries.

Allister is extremely passionate about the Barossa. Outside of Elderton he has been on the Barossa Winemakers Committee for over 6 years and has chaired the Committee for the past 3 years. Allister convened the 2008 Barossa Rare and Distinguished Wine Auction and was one of 15 selected across the Australian wine industry in the inaugural intake of Winemakers Federation of Australia's "Future Leaders" program in 2006.

Induction: 20.04.2017

Cameron Ashmead spent his formative years, in his words, “being made to do slave labour by his parents” in their winery and vineyard.

He worked in International Corporate Banking in Sydney, London and Munich for over a decade before returning to the Barossa in 2003 to join his brother as co-managing director of Elderton Wines.  Together they have built a wine company with distribution to more than 25 countries around the globe.

Cam has contributed enormously to the Barossa community including 8 years on the board of the Barossa Coop.  In his time as chairman, he led a strategic change that brought a dramatic increase in benefits returning to the community. 

As a Foundation Barossa board member for five years, he worked to significantly increase their funds, creating a robust philanthropic program. 

Cam and Allister established the Elderton Wine Making Excellence Scholarship to provide support to young Barossa students who want to further their winemaking careers.  

He is married to Julie and they have three sons.  

The Barons of Barossa welcome Cameron Ashmead into the Wine Fraternity.

Induction: 20.04.2017

Born into one of Australia’s oldest generational winemaking families in Rutherglen, Julie was working in a little winery in the Cotes du Rhone when she was offered a job making wine in the Barossa.  She soon began to make a significant contribution to the winemaking community, including several years on the Barossa Wine Show Committee.

After running a sub regional tasting during the 2008 International Shiraz Alliance, she went on to work on the landmark Barossa Grounds Project, looking at how to define Barossa sub-regionality.

She talked to everyone from winemakers and viticulturists to historians, geologists and scientists. She dug holes, tasted wines, analysed maps and organised an annual panel tasting of over 80 wines, often with a baby on her hip!

Barossa Grounds is now an extraordinary resource for the region.

Jules is married to Cameron Ashmead. Now with 3 young boys, she is juggling motherhood with vintage winemaking at Elderton.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Julie Ashmead to the wine fraternity.

Induction: 23.10.1992

Neil Ashmead (1946-1997) was one of the first of the new wave Barons in 1992. Born in Gippsland, his background was in civil engineering, but showed enormous flair for selling. In the early 1980's Neil and his wife Lorraine founded Elderton Wines.

He was passionate about the Barossa and big red wines and lived to see Elderton become one of Australia's most successful small wineries, winning many awards. The greatest accolade was winning Australia's most prestigious wine award the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy in 1993.

Induction: 09.08.1980

Arthur was born in Cowell, South Australia, on 23rd February 1912, the son of Arthur and Blanche Beckwith.

Educated at Cowell and Murray Bridge Primary Schools, Murray Bridge High School, Roseworthy Agricultural College graduating with Honours Diploma of Agriculture (RDA).

Arthur married Coral Lodge of Willaston in 1936. They have one son.

Cadetship at Roseworthy Agricultural College

  • In 1932, Dr A R Callaghan (Principal) invited him to take up a cadetship with John L Williams, lecturer in Viticulture and Oenology. One project was an assessment of eight cultures of yeast from various sources. Alan R Hickinbotham, lecturer in Chemistry and Physics, also gave valuable advice. The resulting paper was read at the Technical Conference of Wine Week in Melbourne 1934.

Thomas Hardy & Sons Pty Ltd

  • Colin Haselgrove offered him a job at Mile End in late 1933, as an assistant to Roger Warren. This was good experience in the commercial aspects of winemaking.

Penfolds Wines Pty Ltd

  • Leslie Penfold Hyland invited him to join the Company at Nuriootpa, commencing on 2nd January 1935 to assist the Manager, Alfred Scholz, in the winemaking. He worked with and was responsible to the Technical Director, Max Schubert, and indirectly the Chairman of the Board, Jeffrey Penfold Hyland.

  • He became Chief Chemist to the Company in 1960; Technical Supervisor for South Australia in 1963; Branch Manager for Nuriootpa in 1964, Re-organisation of production facilities.

Arthur was also involved in The Australian Wine Research Institute.

  • Deputy Member of Council, 1955-1973

  • Member of Council, 1973-1976

  • Member of Executive Committee

  • Acting Chairman of Planning Committee, and Chairman of Barossa Committee for 2nd Wine Industry Technical Conference at Tanunda, 1973

  • South Australian Wine and Brandy Producers' Association and Federal Wine and Brandy Producers' Council

  • Member and Chairman of the Technical Committees of both organisations spanning about 15 years to 1973

Induction: 23.10.1992

Maggie Beer and her husband Colin settled in the Barossa in 1973.

The establishment of the Pheasant Farm, and the restaurant it led to, was the start of a career that now spans farming, export, food production and food writing.

There have been lots of awards over the years from those first heady days when in 1991 the Pheasant Farm Restaurant won the Remy Martin Cognac/Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant of the Year -more business related accolades including Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 1997 and the Jaguar/Australian Gourmet Traveller Award of excellence in 1999 and then in 2001 was overwhelmed to be presented with the Food Media Club's Industry Peer Award.

Maggie has published five books in all - Maggie's Farm and Maggie's Orchard her first books capturing the seasons of the Valley. Her Italian cooking school experiences with her great friend, Stephanie Alexander, were chronicled in Stephanie's and Maggie's Tuscan Cook Book and has been an award winning publication, now translated into six languages. Her fascination with verjuice resulting in compiling the book, Cooking with Verjuice published by Penguin and Grubstreet. Her latest book, Maggie's Table, was a winner of the Best Regional Cook Book (in English) in the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards at Perigord, France, as soon as it was published. Then to her absolute delight the book was voted Best Hard Cover Recipe Book in the Food Media Club this year.

Maggie has also actively supported the Barossa in the following areas:

  • Councillor, District Council of Angaston, 1982-1985

  • Board Member and Food Member of the Barossa Music Festival, 1994-1997

  • Committee Member of Barossa Horizons (non-Government funded project assisting local unemployed youth), 1993

Induction: 07.11.2009

Patsy was born in Simla, India in 1946. She matriculated at St Mary's College, Hobart in 1961. Patsy is married to Dr John Urlwin.

Patsy is probably best known for her national and international work in the fields of children's television performances and the production of video and sound recording. She has also produced the Patsy Biscoe Story Book, Patsy Biscoe Song Book, produced 400 titles and has been involved in numerous stage productions.

Patsy is a member/composer of the Australian Performing Rights Association, is a Bachelor of Naturopathy and a full member of the Australian Natural Practitioners Association.

Since her move to the Barossa, Patsy has generously supported the local community in the following:

- 1990 secretary Lyndoch Main Street Committee
- 1991 Producer/composer, Williamstown & Districts Landcare Group Federally funded production "Land Care
- Kids Care"
- 2001 elected Councillor, Barossa Council
- 1997-2007 Board member & Presenter, BBB FM Community Radio
- 2006 & 2008 Deputy Mayor, Barossa Council
- 2005-2007 Vice President, Barossa Arts Council
- 2005 Council Representative, Barossa Regional Gallery Management Committee
- 2005 Council Representative, Barossa Arts & Convention Centre Management Committee
- 2005 Chair, Tanunda Town Committee
- 2006 & 2008 Convenor, Tanunda Town Day Vintage Festival event

Patsy has received many awards in recognition of her achievements:

- 1984 SA Great Award for services to the field of children's television
- 1973-2000 Recipient of 30 gold records and 1 platinum record
- 2008 Who's Who of Australian Women
- 2008 South Australian's Women's Honour Roll

Induction: 25.04.2003

Stuart is St Hallett Manager and winemaker and is something of a traditionalist whose winemaking career stretches back 32 years. After graduating from Roseworthy College, Stuart's first wine industry experience was at Coriole Vineyards in McLaren Vale before he settled in the Barossa.

In partnership with Bob McLean and Carl Lindner, Stuart Blackwell facilitated moving St Hallett away from fortifieds and into table wine production, particularly Shiraz.

The later 1980's held a few momentous years when technical expansion saw St Hallett grow into a modern, up-to-the-minute facility, capable not only of producing their own product but also of crushing for other winemakers.

During the 1990's St Hallett produced signature Barossa wines - full of fruit flavour, characteristic softness and good balance - creditably placed at the premium end of the marketplace. Since then Stuart Blackwell's meticulous stewardship resonates the worldwide reputation of Barossa wines via the production of such iconic wines as Old Block Shiraz.

Stuart's achievements have been many, including the Barons' Winemaker of the Year.

Induction: 16.04.1982

Wolf Blass AM was born in East Germany in September 1934. After studying and working in the European wine industry for 13 years he migrated to the Barossa Valley, South Australia in 1961.

Wolf's first job after arriving in Australia was as Sparkling Wines Manager for Kaiser Stuhl in the Barossa Valley. He also worked as a freelance technical adviser for independent procedures.

In 1966 Wolf registered the business name Bilyara, the aboriginal word meaning 'Eaglehawk', and adopted this as his symbol for the national emblem of this home land which was a constant source of pride and inspiration to him. Wolf produced his first vintage of 250 dozen in the same year.

Through 1969 to 1973 Wolf worked as Manager and Winemaker for Tolleys where he made his first significant impact on the local wine industry with development of red wine styles. He was considered one of the leaders of the new generation of Australian winemakers, creating individual wines of various styles under his own label.

In 1992 Wolf Blass AM was awarded the International Winemaker of the Year award by the International Wine and Spirit Competition and in 2000 the prestigious Maurice O'Shea award for his contribution to the Australian wine industry.

Wolf Blass AM is currently the ambassador for Wolf Blass Wines International, participating in promotions, overseas development and maintaining the quality style of the winemaking production.

He is married to Shirley Nyberg-Blass. They have three children, Susan, Sharyn and Anton and two grandchildren - Braiden and Shae.

For further information, please

Induction: 10.03.1984

Horst was born on 21st April 1933 in Rheda, Westfalen, West Germany, the son of Emil Johann Boettger and Maria Boettger.

From 1947 to 1958 he was very active in sport, athletics and football, and has won many Diplomas in athletics and played "A" grade football.

On 21st May 1955 he married Ursula Tomaschek. During the early years of marriage they travelled through the wine growing districts of West Germany, eg Rhine, Meckar, Mosel, Aare and learnt to love and enjoy good wines and food.

In 1958 they migrated to Australia and lived in Salisbury, but the love for good food and wines lured them to the Barossa Valley and eventually Horst and Ursula took over the ownership of "Die Weinstube" Restaurant.

Induction: 17.04.2001

Devron Booth has been a driving force behind Australian wine transport. As a Director of family firm, Booth Transport for 45 years until 2000, Devron helped build Booths into Australia's largest wine carrier and one of the Nation's largest family-run transport companies. Now semi-retired, Devron has invented a safety handrail system for tankers and is working with his son Stuart to manufacture and sell them worldwide.

Devron now devotes plenty of time to his other great passion, golf, and travels for most of the year overseas and interstate.

He is married to Lynne and has three married children and five grandchildren.

Devron's links to the Barossa include:

  • Booth Transport has been associated with the Barossa for more than 60 years and has developed a large Barossa workforce

  • Booth Transport has strongly and financially supported Barossa Vintage Festivals and Clubs.

Induction: 10.08.2014

Reid Bosward took a Saturday job at the local wine store during High School.  It sparked his interest in wine, culminating in a Roseworthy degree in 1990.  After a three year apprenticeship with Tyrells, Reid began a four year overseas odyssey with winemaking roles in France, Spain, South Africa and Moldova.

He returned to Australia to complete 2 more seasons in the Hunter before accepting a senior winemaking position at Dorrien Estate, where he was able to set his roots in the Barossa.

His time in Europe lead to a business partnership and in 1999 Kaesler Vineyards was purchased with Reid as General Manager and Winemaker.  He rejuvenated the brand with his strong focus on single vineyard winemaking.  Acquisitions in Clare, McLaren Vale and Minervois, France, followed.

The purchase of Yarra Yering in Victoria in 2009 provided enough gravity to take the business into distribution and the Pure Wine Company was created to handle the sales of company wines.

The Barossa is home and Kaesler is the centrepiece of a sprawling wine business and the custodian of a suite of old vineyards planted in 1893, 1899 and 1930.  Reid feels these are the soul of his wines and are an excellent representation of Barossa wine.

Offshore sailing is the sport of choice these days with old rugby pursuits reserved for the bar. Reid is a member of the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron and supports the Variety Club charity.

Reid is married to Bindi and they have three children, Harrison, Grace and Charlotte.

The Barons welcome Reid Bosward to the Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.

Induction: 10.08.2014

Anita Bowen arrived in the Barossa in 1988 with her husband Randolph, enrolled in wine studies at Roseworthy College while working part time and giving birth to sons Oscar and Hugo.

In 1998, she helped establish the family’s 75 acre vineyard on Stonewell Road at Marananga and in 2001 Anita created her “Balthazar of the Barossa” label.

By 2005, Balthazar of the Barossa was firmly entrenched as a trophy winning small winemaker.  

In 2008, the 2005 Balthazar was awarded the Shiraz Trophy at the Vintage Cellars National Wine show in which the Balthazar competed against the best shirazes in Australia and New Zealand.

The Balthazar was awarded two trophies at the 2008 and 2010 Barossa Wine Shows, the CozWine Trophy at the 2012 Marananga Wine Show and the 2004 and 2005 Balthazar Shiraz were both nominated for the AWBC George Mackey Memorial Trophy for quality.

Anita controls all aspects of her wine – she is the winemaker, marketer and designer all rolled into one dynamic ball of energy.  

An avid contributor to the fabric of the Barossa community, she has been involved in a host of committees, fundraising, small winemaker initiatives and regional promotions. She is Past President of the Barossa Regional Residents Association and for the past four years Board Member of Foundation Barossa and is currently Chair. Anita is also a member of the Seppeltsfield Road Business Alliance and Small Winemakers Centre.

The Barons welcome Anita Bowen into the Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.


Induction: 17.03.1978

Ian was born in Adelaide on 25th January 1933 and was educated at St Peter's College 1940-1950.

Entered the employ of Theodore Bruce & Co Pty Ltd in January 1951, and is presently Managing Director, Auction Division.

Olympian 1956 Games, Melbourne.

Honorary positions held:

  • Justice of the Peace, 1962

  • President, Council of Wanslea Emergency Home for Children

  • A Governor, Collegiate School of St Peter, 1969-1974

  • President, Wilderness Parents' and Friends' Association

  • A Governor of the Wyatt Benevolent Institution, 1968

  • Finance Committee - Girl Guides Association

  • Founder of the Adelaide Society of Collectors, 1961

  • President of the Adelaide Society of Collectors, 1967-1968

  • Member of the Council and Executive of the Crippled Children's Association, 1976

  • Member of the Rotary Club of Adelaide, 1974

  • Committee - Friends of the Art Gallery of South Australia

Induction: 31.08.1990

Grant Burge is a fifth generation member of a Barossa family.

His great, great grandfather, John Burge, immigrated from Wiltshire, England in 1855. After a brief stay in Adelaide they travelled to Lyndoch where they bought land from the South Australia Company and settled there.

Since that time, the Burge's have had a tradition in Barossa viticulture and winemaking, culminating in the great depression with his grandfather, Percy Burge (as he was known) starting the small fortified winery "Wilsford Wines".

Grant Burge was born 20th January 1951 and is the son of Nancy and Colin Burge of "Wilsford" Lyndoch. He went to school at Rowland Flat Primary (now Orlando cellar door sales) and then continued his education at St Peter's College, Adelaide.

After leaving school he went to McLaren Vale to get experience in the Wine Industry. There he met Ian Wilson, and in the late 1970's with some Adelaide businessmen, purchased the Krondorf Winery. This was a homecoming, and the revival of Krondorf Wines gave a new face to the Barossa during a period of rapid changes and technological development in Australian Winemaking.

Concurrently, Grant with his wife Helen, developed a network of Barossa vineyards some 450 acres stretching from Williamstown at the Southern end of the Barossa through the valley to the Barossa Ranges on Tanunda Creek Road. Each vineyard or combination of vineyards is designed to make a range of Barossa regional wines.

Following the 1986 takeover at Krondorf, Grant and Helen bought the defunct Weinkeller Restaurant at Jacobs Creek and totally restored the building to create a showcase for the new Grant Burge label. In doing so, they revived a Barossa wine heritage as the building was the original Moorooroo Winery.

The quality of restoration and new operation was recognised with the Tourism Award in 1989 and 1990 for overall excellence.

Grant has been on the Executive of the Barossa Winemakers Association in the late 1970's and early 1980's and was the instigator of the winery sign posting of the Barossa Valley.

Induction: 01.11.1996

Helen Margaret Burge was born in Tasmania but moved to South Australia and was educated at Walford Anglican School for Girls. She began her working life as a hairdresser. Helen soon owned her own salon and spent seven years as a TAFE lecturer.

During this time Helen met Grant Burge and became an integral part of Krondorf Wines. This was the beginning of Helens love of and involvement in the Barossa Valley. Helen purchased and operated the Landhaus reception and accommodation facility at Bethany from 1979 to 1981.

In 1981 Helen and Grant were married and in 1988 Helen and Grant launched Grant Burge Wines on Jacobs Creek. Her marketing and promotional abilities were recognised in 1993 when Helen was awarded the Small Business of the Year Award.

Helen has been an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of the Barossa and has served on the Vintage Festival Committee for many years.

Induction: 28.04.2011

Andrew was born in Cambridge UK on the 3rd December 1959. He is married to wife Bobby and they have three children Alex, Toby and Dominic.

Andrews great, great, great grandfather, John Reynell, established South Australias first vineyard in 1838 just two years after the foundation of the colony. The Reynell clone of cabernet sauvignon, now extensively planted in Coonawarra, is said to derive originally from Chateau Lafite, via the James Busby collection and William Macarthur at Camden.

He graduated from Roseworthy in winemaking in 1884. In 1988 he received the NSW Auctioneers Practice Certificate and in 1993 he received his Master of Wine from the Institute of Masters of Wine, London. In 1993 Andrew received the prestigious Madame Bollinger Medal for Excellence in wine tasting, in 2010 he won OIV award for A Taste of the World of Wine and in 2011 he won the Australian Communicator of the Year Award. Andrew is a former Chair of the Institute of Master of Wine (Australasia) and a member of the Australian Wine Industries Wine Australias Directions to 2025 Task force.

Andrew Caillard MW is the Fine Wine Principal of Langtons, Australias leading wine auction house. He is best known as a specialist fine wine auctioneer and editor of the highly influential Langtons Classification of Australian Wine. As a co-founder of Langtons he pioneered the Australian secondary wine market.

Andrews observations and interpretations of the Australian wine investment and ultra-fine wine market are renowned. He is a columnist and tasting panellist for Australias leading wine publication Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine. He also writes freelance for several international publications and is the author of four editions of Penfolds Rewards of Patience and co-author of A Taste of Wine.

Andrew Caillard travels extensively across the world of fine wine as a buyer, wine writer, wine show judge and charity auctioneer and is an inaugural tutor of the influential Wine Australia Tutorial and a member of its advisory committee.

Andrew first visited the Barossa while as a student at Roseworthy and he has a long standing relationship with the Barossa through his writing, auctioneering and painting activities. His relatives, the Reynell family, also owned vineyards near Lyndoch during the inter war period. In 2008 Bobby and Andrew began making their own wine from Barossa grapes called Caillard Mataro.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Andrew Caillard to the Fraternity.

Induction: 16.04.1982

A first generation Australian, born in Adelaide on 25th August 1935, the son of Italian parents from the Venice region of Northern Italy.

In 1959, his brother Giocondo opened La Cantina a coffee lounge in Hindley Street, and Primo joined him soon after and together they set new styles in restaurants. They opened their wine cellar to the diners for personal selection not only from the well known commercial brands, but also from the extensive range from the smaller, distinctive Barossa Valley vineyards.

The increased demand and growing interest in wines in 1963 prompted the opening of the retail wine store in Wellington Square, North Adelaide. In 1964 the 'Wine Buyers of South Australia' was formed, providing wine drinkers around Australia with opportunities to purchase wines from the smaller vineyards of the Barossa Valley.

This was followed by Charlie Brown's Wine Bar at Brompton and later, Primo and Giocondo, under the company name of Caon Bros., tendered successfully for the first wine store concession at the Adelaide Airport.

Primo, together with Caon & Company, then re-established the historic Botanic Hotel to its former glory resulting in the promotion of renewed interest in wine and food.

Induction: 15.10.2005

Peter was born and raised in New Zealand. He studied London City & Guilds in New Zealand 706/1 and 706/2. He then went on to do a Hotel Diploma I 1982 and in 1984 he achieved New Zealand Apprentice of the Year.

Then in 1985, Peter represented New Zealand in the Australian Culinary Olympics and won the Silver Medal.

Peter came to Australia in 1987 working in various Five Star Hotels and Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, all the time learning and gaining experience from his peers.

In 1990, Peter moved to Adelaide to take up the position of Sous Chef at he acclaimed Jarmers Restaurant.

In 1992, Peter won Gold in the Adelaide Salon Culinaire.

In 1996, Peter made the move to the Barossa to become a partner and chef at Vintners Bar & Grill. They have achieved Best Country Restaurant in South Australia and the American Express Award for Best Restaurant Adelaide Hills.

Peter has maintained very high standards at Vintners and has continued to use local produce where possible in his menus, putting Vintners Bar and Grill as one of the best Barossa restaurants over the last decade.

In 1997, Peter captained a team of four Barossa chefs in the bi-annual Australian Lifestyle Channel Culinary Competition as part of Tasting Australia. In 1997, 1999 and 2001, they won the Silver Medal, then were successful in 2003 in finally achieving Gold.

Peter now has a small winery called Tin Shed Wines, making small select batches from premium Barossa vineyards as well as continuing in his role at Vintners.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Douglas was widely known as a leading Melbourne wine merchant, and he has long been a good friend of the Barossa Valley. Director of OR Crittenden Pty Ltd and associated companies, he joined this business in 1946 at the age of 23.

The business had been founded in 1917 by Doug's father. Father and son worked together in the business for eight years until Oscar died in 1954.

The company was both wholesale and retail and operated supermarkets and licensed stores situated in the city of Melbourne and the suburbs of Toorak, Malvern, Brighton and Ashwood. The four licensed stores enjoyed a considerable reputation for Australian and imported wines and spirits. Doug was responsible for the selection, buying and merchandising.

Doug and his wife Judith have three sons, one of whom, Brett, studied at Roseworthy Agricultural College.

Induction: 17.03.1978

Born at Peterborough, South Australia, the son of Berthold Martin Dallwitz, a schoolmaster.

After leaving High School he attended the Institute of Technology and the University of Adelaide. Later completed a correspondence course in Accountancy and Commercial Law.

When World War II broke out he enlisted in the Army and served with an Artillery Regiment in New Guinea. After World War II, he worked in the Sales Department of British Tube Mills in Adelaide for two years.

In 1943 he married Irma Henschke whose family are grape growers and winemakers at Keyneton. They have three daughters and one son.

He returned to the Barossa Valley in 1948 as Tourist Office Manager and Secretary of the Nuriootpa Community Hotel and Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre.

He has been involved in the following Community committees:

  • Secretary/Treasurer of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association from its inception for several years, and has been a member of the Executive Committee almost continuously to date

  • Barossa Valley Tourist Association (Secretary for the past 30 years)

  • Barossa Valley Swimming Club (including office of President)

  • Barossa Valley Pony Club (including office of President)

  • Nuriootpa Kindergarten Committee (including office of President)

  • Barossa Valley Senior Citizens Homes Management Committee

  • Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre Inc (including Secretary for 6 years)

  • Arts Council of South Australia Barossa Valley Branch

  • Nuriootpa High School Parents' and Friends' Committee

  • Foundation Director of Bernkastel Wines Ltd resigning from that position in June 1977

Induction: 16.04.2015

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Grant Dickson moved to Sydney with his family in 1971. He attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music High School and completed tertiary studies at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide.

His parents held very dim views of even the most moderate consumption of anything alcoholic - he didn’t taste his first glass of wine until 1983, when he became the Principal Cor Anglais player in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. 

In 1986 he met Robert O’Callaghan, who had just released the first vintage of Rockford Basket Press Shiraz.  Grant worked shoulder to shoulder with him at Rockford Cellar Door, lapping up tales from the Barossa’s past and O’Callaghan’s deeply felt beliefs regarding traditional wine making and marketing.

He returned to Sydney but in 1998 Grant was asked to return to Adelaide for two reasons:  to play principal Cor Anglais in the ASO for the first Australian production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle and to take up the position of Wholesale Manager at Rockford. 

Grant ensured Rockford was on wine lists of Australia’s great restaurants and eventually took responsibility for promotional interstate dinners and writing the narratives for each new wine release.

He met his wife Tuoi while touring with an international production of Miss Saigon.  She migrated to Australia in 2002 and ultimately convinced Grant to support her in a restaurant venture.  

fermentAsian opened in December 2010 and has gone on to become vital to the Barossa’s culinary landscape, celebrating local regional produce, much of which is grown on their Presser Road family farm. 

Grant has forged a remarkable wine list that has been nationally recognised, giving Barossa winemakers the opportunity to benchmark their wines against international expressions and providing valuable exposure for fledgling local winemakers.

Grant continues to play occasionally with the ASO, and is excited about contributing to a planned Barossa Bach Festival. He also endeavours to instil a deep love of music into his two daughters, Olivia and Isabel.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Grant Dickson into the Fraternity.

Induction: 25.04.2003

Nigel is Saltram's Chief Winemaker.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (oenology), from Roseworthy College, Nigel gathered winemaking experience in California and Germany.

In 1981, Nigel returned to the Barossa as assistant winemaker at Seppeltsfield for B Seppelt & Son Ltd. By 1984 Nigel held the Senior Red winemaker/manager position for Seppelt and brought the coveted Jimmy Watson to Seppeltsfield in 1992.

With an established reputation as one of the best winemakers in South Australia, Nigel, son of legendary Brian Dolan, literally went back in 1992 to the place from whence he came. He joined the Saltram winery and moved into Mamre Brook. After his first 10 years at Saltram he has further enhanced his stature as a Barossa, South Australian and Australian great and was named South Australian Red Winemaker of the Year in 1996, Barossa Winemaker of the Year in 2000, and in 2001 he was a finalist in the Qantas Australian Winemaker of the Year competition.

Nigel's flagship Saltram No. 1 Shiraz is now considered one of the benchmark Barossa Valley Shiraz wines while the Mamre Brook Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz continue to win accolades and gold medals wherever they are shown.

Nigel is also one of Australia's most highly regarded wine judges having been a senior judge at the Royal Shows of Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and many regional shows across the country.

Induction: 16.10.2016


Fiona Donald was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales and attended Hornsby Girls’ High School. After initially contemplating tertiary studies in Science and Food Technology at Sydney University, a magazine article piqued her interest in winemaking.  A letter penned to Len Evans resulted in the advice that “Roseworthy is the place to go!”    Fiona’s course was set.

In 1988 she commenced study at Roseworthy Agricultural College and was awarded the KT Hardy Memorial Scholarship in 1989 for Performance in the first Year of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Oenology. Fiona graduated in 1991 with the Silver Medal for Second Aggregate.

After graduation she started work with Thomas Hardy and Sons at the Tintara Winery in McLaren Vale as Operations Winemaker and in 1993 became Red Winemaker at Renmano.

In October 1995 Fiona was appointed to the role of Manager/Winemaker at Barossa Valley Estate.  Then in October 1997 the opportunity to work at Southcorp Wines (Penfolds) as Senior Red Winemaker beckoned.  Fiona moved to the part-time position of Winemaker – Grower Liaison in August 2002.

After a year in Austria, Fiona returned and took up the position of Group Red Winemaker for the Hardy Wine Company, based at Chateau Reynella in October 2007.

But home is the Barossa.

In 2009 Fiona accepted the role of Senior Winemaker at the historic Seppeltsfield Winery and has been part of the resurrection of the Gravity Flow Winery, working alongside Warren Randall and the Seppeltsfield team.

Fiona’s contributions to the Wine Industry and the Barossa Valley include judging at various regional and capital city wine shows over the last 15 years and serving on various committees including the CRC3 Planning Group, Barossa Winemakers Committee, the Barossa Vintage Festival Committee, the tasting panel for Barossa Grounds and convening the Barossa Rare and Distinguished Wine Auction in 2003.

Fiona is currently a member of the Royal Adelaide Wine Show committee, a board member of The Barossa Grape and Wine Association, a Len Evans scholar, panel chair at the Hunter Wine Show, Chair of the Riverland Wine Show and presented at this year’s 16th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference.

Fiona is married with two children and lives on 12 acres of Barossa dirt planted to vineyard producing premium Barossa fruit.


Induction: 15.10.2005

The Rt Hon Alexander Downer has been Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs since the election of the Howard Government in March 1996, and has held the seat of Mayo for the Liberal Party continuously since 1984.

Born in 1951, Mr Downer was educated at Geelong Grammar School, Victoria; Radley College, Oxford, United Kingdom; and the University of Newcastle on Tyne, United Kingdom. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Politics and Economics and is a Doctor of Civil Laws (honoris causa).

Prior to entering Parliament, Mr Downer held a number of senior positions in government and the private sector:

  • Economist, Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) from 1975-1976

  • Diplomat, Department of Foreign Affairs from 1976-1982, serving at the Australian Mission to the EEC; Australian

  • Representation to NATO; Australian Embassy, Belgium & Luxembourg; and Senior Foreign Affairs Representative in South Australia

  • Political Adviser to the former Prime Minister, the Hon. Malcolm Fraser and Political Adviser to the Federal Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Andrew Peacock from 1982 to 1983

  • Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce from 1982-1984

Mr Downer has held a number of other senior Parliamentary positions. He stepped down as Opposition Leader in January 1995 and became Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. Mr Downer served in this capacity until the election of the Howard Government.

Through his mother and father moving to Mount Crawford in the 1970's, Mr Downer has had a long association with the Barossa. This has continued through the family involvement in the Barossa Music Festival and vineyard holdings at Mt Crawford. Mr Downer has long enjoyed the wines of the Barossa and has continued to promote them overseas in his role as Foreign Affairs Minister.

Mr Downer is married to Nicky. They have three daughters, Georgina, Olivia and Henrietta and one son, Edward.

Induction: 01.08.1996

Governor of South Australia since 23 April 1982, His Excellency Lieutenant-General Sir Donald Dunstan KBE, CB, was Chief of the General Staff from April 1977. He entered Royal Military College, Duntroon in 1940.

He graduated in mid-1942 and was posted as a platoon commander to the 27th Infantry Battalion (SA Scottish Regiment), which was in Darwin at the time. Except for a period in brigade headquarters as a liaison officer, he served with this unit for the remainder of the war in the South West Pacific Area. He was mentioned-in-despatches for patrol actions in Bougainville in 1945.

After the war he went to Japan with the occupation force.

He was married in 1948 to Beryl Dunningham of Sydney. In 1949 they moved to Adelaide where he served for nearly four years at Keswick Barracks. He then joined the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, as second-in-command prior to the unit's departure for service in Korea in 1954-55. Between the Korean and Vietnam Wars he held a number of regimental, staff and instructional appointments at home and abroad.

Colonel Dunstan arrived in Vietnam as Deputy Commander of the Australian Task Force in January 1968 only a few days before the start of the TET Offensive. At that time he assumed command of the Task Force elements remaining in Phuoc Tuy Province and directed the operations of the Australian troops deployed for the defence of the provincial capital, Baria.

Again in May 1968 Colonel Dunstan assumed command of the Australian Task Force at Fire Support Bases 'Coral' and 'Balmoral' covering enemy approaches to Saigon. The fiercest fighting experienced by Australian troops in the war took place in this operation. For this service he was awarded the CBE.

On his return to Australia in 1969 he was promoted to Brigadier to command a Task Force in New South Wales. In 1970 he and his wife went to London where he attended the Imperial Defence College. Scarcely two years after leaving Vietnam he returned in 1971 as a Major General, Commander of the Australian Force. It was during this period that he planned and executed the withdrawal of the Australians from Vietnam.

He was awarded CB for this tour of duty.

General Dunstan's next appointment was as Chief of Material at Army Headquarters in Canberra in 1972-73.

In 1974 he was appointed General Officer Commanding Field Force Command with his headquarters in Victoria Barracks in Sydney.

In January 1977 he became Deputy Chief of the General Staff, but within a few weeks was appointed Chief of the General Staff and promoted Lieutenant General at the age of 54.

Although appointed CGS for the normal period of three years, he was twice extended by the Government and completed his tour in 1982. General Dunstan was knighted in the New Year Honours List in 1980 with the award of the KBE. General Dunstan is a trout fisherman, plays golf and likes to cross-country ski.

Induction: 04.04.2013

Wayne Dutschke was first introduced to grapes and the art of winemaking by his grandfather, Oscar Semmler. Oscar was an important player in the wine industry in the 1960s and early 70s as chairman of directors at Kaiser Stuhl and president of the Australian Wine and Brandy Association.

Wayne started his career as a cellar hand at Yalumba in 1979 and headed off to study winemaking at Roseworthy. Once his studies were completed he gained more experience by working with quality Australian winemakers Doug Lehmann (Basedows), Don Lewis (Mitchelton) and Grant Burge (Krondorf and Burge). He has also worked a number of vintages in Spain, California and France.

Dutschke Wines has received an impressive list of reviews from wine critics and some high lights are: 

  • James Halliday Wine Companion 5 Red Star Winery 2009 to 2013.
  • Consistently high scores in the Wine Advocate since 1998.
  • Regularly featured in the WBM Wine 100.
  • Regularly featured in the Adelaide Review Hot 100 South Australia Wines.

The only wine show that Wayne has entered is the Barossa Wine Show and he has been a successful medal winner year after year. However, a number of trophies have been received for wines that Wayne has played a part in making while working for other wineries. Some highlights include:

  • Red Wine of the Year 1994 International Wine Challenge.
  • 1998 Shiraz of the Year Visy Board Shiraz Challenge.

There has also been the odd occasion where a Dutschke wine has appeared at a wine show other than the Barossa Wine Show. Achievements include:

  • Trophy Winner The great Australian Red (for the St. Jacobi Shiraz).
  • Grand Gold Mundis Vini 2012 (for the 2009 GHR Neighbours Shiraz) 

Wayne has also added ‘author to his repertoire for his successful childrens book My Dad Has Purple Hands, now in its second print run.

Wayne is happiest when nurturing his barrels of Barossa Reds and ending the day playing games with Sami and Jackson and enjoying a good shiraz with Brenda, his wife.

The Barons welcome Wayne Dutschke to the Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.


Induction: 17.04.2001

John Duval grew up on a sheep stud at Morphett Vale near Adelaide, where his father and grandfather also grew grapes to supplement their income.

After completing an Agricultural Science Degree at Adelaide University and the Roseworthy Winemaking Course, John joined Penfolds in 1974 at the Nuriootpa Winery. As Assistant Winemaker he gained early experience from the then Managers, John Davoren and Kevin Schroeter. During the next 12 years he polished his skill as Winemaker under the influence of Max Schubert and Chief Winemaker Don Ditter. When Don retired in 1986 John took over as Chief Winemaker.

Three years later he was named International Winemaker of the Year at Britain's 1989 International Wine & Spirit Competition. In 1991, and again in 2000, John was named Red Winemaker of the Year at the UK International Wine Challenge. Another highlight occurred in 1995 when the influential Wine Spectator Magazine in the USA named the 1990 Grange Wine of the Year.

John's service to the Barossa includes:

  • Chairman, Barossa Wine Show Committee

  • Committee, Barossa Winemakers Association

  • Wine Master, Barossa Vintage Festival Dinners Committee

  • Committee, Barossa Vintage Festival Wine Auction

  • Judge, Barossa Wine Shows

  • Wine Master, Barossa Bacchus Club

  • Represented Penfolds and other Barossa producers at Master Classes in Australia and Global markets

Induction: 12.03.1976

Wine judge, wine writer and author. Proprietor of Len Evans Wines Pty Ltd, Bulletin Place, Sydney. Chairman of Directors of the Rothbury Estate Ltd, in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

Len was born in 1931 of Welsh parents and educated in England. Len left England in 1953 and spent the next four years roaming around New Zealand, Australia and South-East Asia, working at odd jobs and writing travel articles and short stories.

Len became the National Director of the Wine Information Bureau in 1965 and continued in that position until 1967. He can claim a large measure of credit for the rise in table wine sales in New South Wales in that period as well as for having led enthusiastic teams of Wine Information Bureau managers and writers in other States.

The Barossa Valley naturally featured largely in his writings from his earliest days in this work in the Sydney "Bulletin" and other periodicals, and in his first book "Cellarmaster's Guide to Australian Wines".

Later came his monumental volume "Australia and New Zealand Complete Book of Wine", which to the time of writing has sold 65,000 copies.

Len has subsequently paid several visits to England, the Continent and USA, partly to carry the flag for Australian wine and partly on buying interests for his own business.


Induction: 12.03.1976

His interest in wine began 57 years ago at Roseworthy College, George Fairbrother related a while ago in an ABC radio broadcast in a reminiscence series heard at that time on Sunday mornings.

In the Vintage of 1919, George and four other students began a scheme of vacation work at Reynella Winery, where an ex-Cossack cavalryman was winemaker this fellow enjoyed a flagon of dry red a day without batting an eyelid.

During the depression of the 1930's, in addition to suffering many retrenchments, George travelled all over New South Wales as a wine and spirit traveller. Later he worked as a wine and spirit merchant in Newcastle. He was a friend of the great Maurice O'Shea and all through the years he went up and did the Vintage with him.

Eventually, George took up his lengthy term of service with Robert Bryce & Co Ltd.

He has been a Wine Show Judge for 30 years in all capital cities of Australia. For 21 of those 30 years he as been Chairman of Judges. He has been Examiner of Oenology students at Roseworthy College on wine identification and classification. A member of the Bacchus Club for 33 years and one of its early winemasters, he was also a foundation member of the Beefsteak and Burgundy Club and was created Master of the Cellars in 1970.

George married Agnes Thompson in 1938.

Induction: 07.11.2009

John Falland grew up on a farm near Truro.  He attended the Truro primary school and continued his secondary education at Nuriootpa High School, but left after one year to help on the family farm.

He began work in a small workshop in Light Pass doing metal fabrication.  In 1961 John and wife Elva started their own business in a garage in the back yard manufacturing farm machinery and structural steelwork.  In 1973 John went to the USA to study the greenhouse industry and obtained a USA license to manufacture greenhouses for Australia and Asia.

After the recession "we had to have", John designed a rack to handle wine barrels and Penfold placed the first order for 2000 racks.  They proved hugely successful and to date 300,000 racks have been supplied to 1100 wineries.  Recently John developed another barrel racking system with options to rotate the barrels.  In 1995 John commenced the fabrication of a grape cartage bin for wineries and vignerons.  To date 10,000 have been made.

John has been generous in his support of the Barossa community and for his services has received many awards:

-  made a life member of the Nuniootpa Football Club 1992
-  in 1998 made a life member of the Barossa Light & Gawler Football Association
-  received the SANFL Merit Award in 2008
-  member of the Lions Club of Barossa Valley with 38 years 100% attendance and has been President twice
-  awarded the Melvin Jones Fellow (the Lions highest award)
-  currently Chairman of St Petri Lutheran Church

John has been married to Elva for 50 years and they have four sons Greg, David, Tim and Randell.

Induction: 16.10.2016

Steve is a born and bred Angaston boy from foundation Barossa stock.

He is married to Rebecca and together they have three children Nic, Will and Anna.

After schooling at Angaston Primary and Nuri high, he pursued a Boilermaker apprenticeship at Adelaide Brighton Cement. A career then followed at Howard Quarries just south of Angaston where he put together a crushing plant at a time of rapid expansion in the commercial building industry. This led into many other roles culminating in a family buy out of the business in 2003. The business was then renamed as Barossa Quarries.

During most of that time, Bec and Steve were living on the family farm near Truro and in 1998 planted a shiraz vineyard. Later they inherited a very old Semillon block at the Angaston quarry and subsequently a nearby shiraz block. The family now lives at Angaston.

Steve has been a passionate advocate for the Barossa in his business travels, using every opportunity to highlight the place he loves, the produce and the lifestyle we all cherish.

Some community/business activity highlights are;

·       Angaston Primary school governing council

·       Angaston football club sponsorship sub-committee Chair.

·       Angaston Main Street / Community and Business Alliance Inc.

·       Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia State executive and other industry representation.




Induction: 04.04.2013

Jane Ferrari is the daughter of an Italian migrant surveyor . She was born in Adelaide and grew up on Aboriginal missions as well as in Alice Springs as her father worked on the construction of schools, silos and airport runways.

Jane is a winemaking graduate from the Roseworthy College and joined Yalumba in 1987 working in technical roles before leaving to join Rockford Wines in 1991.

During the 1995 Barossa Vintage Festival Jane oversaw the planning and running of the highly successful Yalumba Harvest Market. Since then Jane has thrived as Yalumbas Promotions Manager, Wine Room Manager and Story Teller. This resulted in her winning the Wyndham Hill Smith Award at the  biennial National Sales and Marketing Conference in 2004.

In 2012 the Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA)named Jane Ferrari the Wine Communicator of the Year for her long term efforts in promoting, speaking about, educating and tutoring of not only Yalumba wines but Barossa and Australian wines in general. WCA patron and judge, James Halliday said Jane was a worthy recipient and thoroughly endorsed her choice.

A final comment from Jane. “My Mum didnt have the chance to go to University back in her day although she was well qualified. She became a teller with the bank of Adelaide before becoming a ring master with three bouncy kids and at the same time working with my Dad in the family construction business. She was determined that the three of us would have every opportunity and now I find myself living the dream that she never had. Thank you Enid

The Barons welcome Jane Ferrari to the Wine Fraternity. Barons of Barossa


Induction: 19.04.1979

The Rt. Hon. John Malcolm Fraser, CH was born 21st May 1930 in Melbourne, Victoria. Son of late J Neville Fraser, of Nareen, Victoria. Married 9th December 1956, Tamara daughter of SR Beggs. They have two sons and two daughters. Educated Melbourne CEGS and Magdalen College, Oxford.

Parliamentary service

  • He was elected to the House of Representatives for Wannon, Victoria, 1955, 1958, 1961, 1963, 1966, 1969, 1974, 1975 and 1977.

Ministerial appointments

  • Minister for the Army from January 1966 to February 1968

  • Minister for Education and Science from February 1968 to November 1969 and again from August 1971 to December 1972

  • Minister for Defence from 1969 to 1971, Prime Minister from November 1975

Parliamentary party positions

  • Member, Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party Opposition Executive from 1972 to 1975. Spokesman successively for primary industry matters and labour matters.

  • Leader of the Opposition from March 1975 to November 1975

  • Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party from March 1975

Honours and Decorations

  • Appointed a Member of Her Majesty's Privy Council, February 1976

  • Appointed Companion of Honour, January 1977


  • Fishing, photography, vintage cars, motor cycles

Induction: 25.04.2003

Colin started taking an interest in wine in the late 1960's which became a passion in the early 1970's.

When Colin started auctioning wine at Theodore Bruce in 1974 it gave access to a completely new world full of wonderful wine treasures, including the delights of Barossa, home of the oldest shiraz vines in the world.

Working at Bruce also gave Colin the opportunity, through Ian Bruce the inaugural Barossa Vintage Festival wine auctioneer, to attend his first Festival auction in 1977. The auctions were held at the back of one of the Penfold sheds on Railway Terrace and the industry greats used to turn up. Colin was given the chance to sell a few lots at that auction, and he still remembers selling some wine to Len Evans, even then mildly famous how good was that for a young wine lover who doted on every word that Evans wrote.

Also in 1977 Colin went to his first pre-auction dinner and tasting in the Yalumba Cask Hall, a night (the first of many), which he has never forgotten as it was the opportunity to mix with they doyens of the industry the Hill Smiths, Gramps, Henschkes, along with Len Evans, Doug Crittenden, Herman Schneider and many more, the real movers and shakers of the industry of the day. Colin continued helping Ian Bruce with the auction until the mid 1980's when he took over.

Colin's activities in the Barossa these days involves valuing wineries and vineyards and helping at the Vintage Festival auction.

Induction: 16.04.2015

Peter Gago was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England and in 1963 his family decided to move to a warmer climate. Australia beckoned.

After completing a degree at the University of Melbourne, Peter taught maths and science in Victoria for the next eight years at which time his wife Gail issued a challenge to him to try something different.  Roseworthy seemed a good idea and he graduated as Dux of the Bachelor of Applied Science(Oenology).

In 1989 Peter joined the then Penfolds Wines Pty. Ltd. He started his tenure making sparkling wine, then reds and served  as Penfolds Red Wine Oenologist. In 2002 he was appointed Penfolds Chief Winemaker, making him only the fourth winemaker to be responsible for Penfold’s flag ship wine, Grange.

Peter has travelled extensively, literally visiting every continent (and most countries) in an effort to introduce people to Australian wine. He globally hosts master classes, tastings and wine events and regularly appears on radio, television and webcasts.

In the last decade Peter has received numerous awards:

  • The Wine Enthusiast Magazine – Winemaker of the Year 2005.
  • Barossa Winemaker of the Year 2008
  • Campbell Mattinson’s inaugural Big Red Winemaker of the Year 2008
  • 2012 Winemaker’s Winemaker Award conveyed by the Institute of Masters of Wine and London’s Drinks Business Magazine.
  • In 2014 Peter became the first ever winner of both the Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine Winemaker of the Year Award and the Len Evans Award for leadership.

Peter has also co-authored four books with Dr. Patrick Lland:

  • Discovering Australian Wines – A Taster’s Guide 1995
  • Australian Wine – From the Vine to the Glass 1997
  • Australian Wines – Tastes and Styles 2003
  • A Taste of the World Wine 2009
  • A fifth tome is currently being penned.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Peter Gago into the Fraternity.

Induction: 20.04.2017

Rob Gibson is well known to many as Gibbo and to some as “The Dirtman.”

He worked at Penfolds for 20 years as part of the winemaking team, establishing strong relationships with the independent growers.  

Gibbo then took his Winegrowing philosophy to a wider audience, as an international consultant primarily in Chile and Argentina. 

He and his wife Anne established Gibson Wines in 1996 along with their 3 sons and 2 daughters, creating a dynamic family business that has made an indelible mark on the Barossa.  

An inaugural Barossa Trustmark recipient with the Australian Old Vine Collection Barossa Shiraz, their Sunday Fun Days have created a family friendly welcome to thousands of people, both locals and visitors. 

Rob served on numerous committees including Wine Barossa and was an instrumental member of the crucial industry Steering Committee that led to the formation of the Barossa Grape & Wine Association.  

The Barons of Barossa welcome Rob Gibson to the Wine Fraternity.

Induction: 15.10.2005

The original Glaetzer settlers migrated from Brandenburg to the Barossa Valley I 1888 and Ben's father (Colin) and Uncle (John) are both Barossa Stalwarts and world renowned Barossa Valley Winemakers.

Ben was born in 1977 at Corowa, NSW and grew up at Rutherglen and Great Western before his family moved to South Australia in 1985.

He was educated at Ararat West and Angle Vale Primary Schools, completing his senior schooling at Prince Alfred College and the University of Adelaide, attaining Bachelor or Agricultural Science (Oenology).

Ben commenced working at Tyrrell's Vineyards in the Hunter Valley and in 1998, Ben returned to the Barossa Valley to assist Colin at Glaetzer Wines and Barossa Vintners. In late 1999, Ben was asked to travel briefly to Armenia and become responsible for the creation of Pernod Ricard's first Armenian table wine.

Ben holds the following positions:

  • Director, shareholder and chief winemaker, Barossa Vintners, Barossa Valley 10,000 tonnes per annum production

  • Director, shareholder and chief winemaker, Heartland Wines, Langhorne Creek and Limestone Coast

  • Director, shareholder and chief winemaker, Mitolo Wines, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley

  • Chief winemaker, Glaetzer Wines, Barossa Valley

  • Chief winemaker, Woodstock Wines, McLaren Vale

Ben is directly responsible for the annual production of more than 1000 wines for the 25 clients at Barossa Vintners and produces over 250,000 dozen for his own labels, exporting to 25 countries around the globe.

In 2004, Ben, along with his father, was nominated for the Qantas/Australian Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year Award and he won the Qantas Medal as Young Winemaker of the Year 2004/2005.

Induction: 25.04.2003

After completing his degrees at Roseworthy in 1970, Colin Glaetzer worked at Tyrrell's in the Hunter Valley from 1970 to 1972, in fact making the first commercially available Chardonnay in Australia with Murray Tyrrell.

From there Colin moved to the Riverland before travelling to Bristol to work at Avery's prior to a vintage for Remoissenet in Beaune. After this he returned to Australia to commence as winemaker for Seppelts Rutherglen winery followed by a move to Seppelts Great Western to become chief white winemaker.

In 1985 Colin moved to the Barossa Valley to run Barossa Valley Estate, where he created the now revered E&E Black Pepper Shiraz and the Ebenezer range of wines. In 1995, Colin's wines made for the Barossa Valley Estate Winery, won the prestigious INTERVIN Black Diamond award, and accolade gained only by Colin and three overseas producers.

In the very same year, Colin and Judith Glaetzer and their three sons established Glaetzer Wines, allowing the production of boutique super premium wines under a family owned label.

Induction: 04.11.1994

After graduating from Roseworthy College, John Glaetzer commenced his winemaking career working with Wolf Blass first at TST and then with the organisation that became Wolf Blass Wines International and today is Beringer Blass.

The uniquely successful relationship that developed between Wolf and his "prodigal" protégé is well documented as one of the greatest success stories in the modern Australian Wine Industry.

From the outset, John concentrated his talents on red winemaking applying his special skills to the oak-maturation and blending techniques synonymous with the Wolf Blass style but which have also become the benchmark for the best Australian reds which are today attaining world class status.

Behind John Glaetzer's modest, friendly and affable exterior there is a mind and a memory uniquely capable of applying itself to the rigorous art of blending young red wines this involves tasting and assessing up to 200 young wines each working day.

To relax a little (but really to keep his eye in) John has extensive experience as a Wine Judge. John Glaetzer has the proud record of being a vital part of a famous team that has the enviable record of winning not only 3 Jimmy Watson Medals in a row, but even more astoundingly 3,600 medals and 94 trophies at the most recent count.

Induction: 07.11.2009

James Godfrey was born in Adelaide on 4th December 1955.  He has two children, Matthew & Emma and enjoys life in the Barossa with his partner Elizabeth.  He was educated at St Peter's College and then went on to Roseworthy Agricultural College and completed a diploma in oenology in 1977.  While at Roseworthy he also completed vintages at Saxonvale, DA Tolley, Wyns Glenloth and in the Coonawarra.

On the 6th February 1978 James commenced his wine journey at Seppeltsfield as an assistant winemaker under Philip John.  In 1981 he was appointed senior winemaker followed by Manager, Barossa Wineries in 1984.  In 1990 he was appointed group fortified winemaker for Southcorp.

In addition to his work commitments, James has been active in the following areas:

-  25 years as a senior wine judge at regional and capital city wine shows
-  Served on the Barossa Wine Show Committee from 1981-2008 including 8 years as Chairperson
-  Lectured at Adelaide University in fortified production for the last 25 years

He is currently a member of the AWBC export compliancy panel and a member of the WFA committee to develop new fortified names for sherry and tokay due to the recent Australia EU wine agreement.

James' passion about all things fortified and the wine style that is part of the history and heritage of the Barossa has not gone unnoticed.  He was named Winestate Magazine Winemaker of the Year in 1999.

Induction: 30.12.1975

Son of Hugo Louis Gramp and great grandson of Johann Gramp, who migrated from Kulmbach, Bavaria to South Australia in 1837 and who commenced Winemaking in the Barossa, planting vines at Jacob's Creek in 1847.

Colin was educated at Rowland Flat Public School, Nuriootpa Higher Primary School, St Peter's Collegiate School and Roseworthy Agricultural College. He married Josephine Homburg, daughter of Fritz Homburg on 14th February 1946.

  • Apprentice winemaker G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, 1940

  • RAAF 461 Squadron Coastal Command, UK, 1942-1945

  • Winemaker, G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, 1946

  • Technical Director, G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, 1947 until retirement March 1974

  • Foundation Member and a past President of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association Inc and Member of the Executive Committee since 1947

  • Council Member of the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA since 1946

  • Chairman of the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA, 1975

  • Chairman of the Adelaide Wine Show Committee since 1971

  • Member of the Australian Wine Board since 1973

  • Council and Executive Member of the Australian Wine Research Institute since 1973

  • Proprietor and General Manager, Gramps Weinkeller Restaurant, 1972

  • Director, Aquaculture International (Aust) Pty Ltd, 1974

  • Councillor, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1974


  • Boating, fishing, water skiing, photography and wild life preservation.


  • The Bacchus Club (Barossa Valley branch)

  • The Rotary Club of Barossa Valley

Induction: 17.03.1978

Born at Orlando Vineyards, Rowland Flat, on 28thAugust 1915. Elder son of R A (Fred) Gramp who was past Governing andManaging Director of G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd. Great grandson ofJohann Gramp, founder of Orlando Vineyards in 1847. Sidney joined thefirm of Messrs G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, producers of Orlando Winesand Brandies, in 1939 and made a Director in 1941.

  • President of the Winemakers Association of South Australia from March 1950 until August 1953

  • Delegate and member of the Executive Committee of the Federal Viticultural Council from 1950-1963

  • Treasurer of Council from 1951-1963

  • Appointed by South Australian Government as a member of the Advisory Board of Agriculture representing viticulture section from 1951 until 1956

  • Member of Committee of Adelaide Bacchus Club from 1959-1965

  • President of Club 1963-1964

  • Member of SA Wine & Food Society and The Wine Lovers Club

  • Member of Adelaide Legacy Club since 195

Barossa Valley activities until 1955:

  • Foundation Member Barossa Branch Bacchus Club

  • Foundation Member Tanunda RSL

  • Committee Member of Tanunda Agricultural, Horticultural & Floral Society for a number of years

  • Member Building Committee Tanunda War Memorial Hospital

  • President and Float Organiser Rowland Flat Branch of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Committee

Induction: 28.04.2011

Dr. William Douglas (Bill) Gransbury

Inducted a Baron 4/11/12


Bill was born on the 17th November 1953 at Glenelg. The family moved to Meadows in the Adelaide Hills where they lived on a 500 acre sheep and cattle farm.

Bill attended the Mount Barker High School and in 1971 was made a prefect. After completing his secondary education he attended the Adelaide University and St. Marks College and graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1979. He then studied obstetrics in England followed by further training in anaesthetics. He started his medical career as a country GP in Cleve, Eyre Peninsula and in 1986 moved to Penrice and joined the Angaston Medical Centre. He now has the distinction of being the Centres longest serving GP. Bill was also the Angaston Football Club doctor for 20 years and is currently a member of numerous medical organisations.

Bills passion for the local community is epitomised in the many groups he has been involved  in and around the Barossa, including:

- Involvement  in the restoration of the Old Union Chapel (he is the current Chair of the Old Union Chapel Committee).

- Establishing the Angaston and Penrice Historical Society in 1997.

- Developing the skating and basketball facilities at the Angaston oval.

- Enhancing the Doddridge Blacksmith shop tourist attraction.

To name just a few.

His tireless community work is an inspiration to us all.

Bill is married to Trish and they have two children, Tim and Annie.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Dr. William Douglas (Bill) Gransbury into the Fraternity.





Induction: 20.10.2007

Hans Haan was born in Rotterdam, Holland.  At the age of 15, he left Holland as the youngest immigrant on board the ship Sibajac, to join his father and half brothers and sisters in Sydney, Australia.

His early working life was spent in the airline industry in Australia and Hong Kong.  Hans and Fransien searched the world for a place that exhibited history, seasonality, tradition and an understanding of the finer things in life good wine, good food and good fellowship. 

After 26 years in Hong Kong, Hans and his wife Fransien ended their search by purchasing their 40 acre Barossa vineyard and called it Hanenhof Vineyards.

They moved to the Barossa in 1995 and produced their first vintage in 1996, and the first of many trophies was won in 1999 with the 1997 Merlot Prestige.

But the highlight was in 2005, when Haan Wines won the Chateau Pichon Longueville Trophy for the Best Blended Red Wine with their Wilhelmus blend at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London from a total of 5,100 wine entries from 57 countries.  At the same competition, Haan Wines won Australian Wine Producer of the Year, competing against 453 Australian winery entries.

Since moving to the Barossa, Hans has spread the good news about the Barossa throughout the world, speaking at presentations to international wine and food societies.  Incidentally, each year Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands receives a bottle of Hanenhof wine for her cellar.

Hans has been innovative in working with new grape varieties, particularly Viognier and now has one of the largest private holdings of Viognier in the Barossa.

Hans is a member of the International Wine & Food Society, South Australian Wine & Food Society, Barossa Rotary Club and the Tanunda Liedertafel and a supporter of many local projects. 

The Barons of Barossa welcome Hans Haan's enthusiastic embrace of all that makes the Barossa great.  

Induction: 03.04.1975

Son of Walter Hackett who arrived in Australia from England in 1852 and with his elder brother founded the firm of E & W Hackett, Nurserymen and Grain Merchants in Rundle Street, Adelaide. Joined the staff of the Renmark Growers' Distillery 1938. Left Renmark Growers' Distillery to spend period of time in South Africa gaining technical experience in the wine industry.

Married Gwynne Davis in 1948 and has three sons.

  • Appointed Assistant Technical Manager of Renmark Growers' Distillery, 1944

  • Appointed Manager of Tarac Barossa Pty Ltd, 1946

  • Appointed Director of Tarac Industries Pty Ltd, 1955

  • Appointed General Manager of Tarac Industries Pty Ltd, 1972

  • Member of the first Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Ball Committee, 1947. Subsequently served on the Executive of the Vintage Festival Committee for many years.

  • In 1972, he attended the third International Oenological Symposium in South Africa and toured the wine countries of Europe and the Research Station at Yalta in Russia.

  • A Justice of the Peace since 1951

  • Charter Member of Barossa Rotary Club, 1955-1966

  • Past-Master of Barossa Lodge, 1957

  • Past Grand Steward of Masonic Lodge of SA

  • Foundation Member Australian Agricultural Technologists Association

  • Member Nuriootpa RSL


  • Foundation President Barossa Valley Bacchus Club, 1950-1951 and re-elected President, 1964

  • Made a Life Member, 1973

Induction: 07.11.2009

James Halliday was born on 14th August 1938 and lives in Coldstream, Victoria.  His early hands on viticulture and winemaking experiences include vintages at Brokenwood from 1973-1983, Coldstream Hills 1985-1996, Bordeaux 1979 and Burgundy in 1983.  He currently is a consultant to Coldstream Hills.

James is well-known as a wine author, judge and journalist.  He has written over 50 books since 1979 and been a significant contributor to the Oxford Companion to Wine, Hugh Johnson Pocket Guide and the soon to be published 2009 Australian Wine Companion and Australian Wine Encyclopaedia.

His journalistic contributions include the National Times 1978-1984.  From 1984 he has written a weekly wine column for the Weekend Australian and writes for each issue of Gourmet Traveller Wine.

James is regarded as the most senior wine judge in Australia from 1977-2009.  He also judged regularly in New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Europe and the US.  His awards are numerous and include:

-  Charles Heidsieck Award for Excellence in Wine Journalism, 1983
-  1993 joint winner of James Beard and Clicquot Award
-  1994 Wine Spectator Book of the Year
-  Julia Child award for Best Wine Spirits or Beer Book of the Year (USA)
-  Winner James Beard Award 1994 for Wine Atlas of California;
-  Wine literary Award (San Fransisco) 2002 for the Wine Atlas of California
- 2005 Saltram Wine Communicator Award
-  2006 Wine Companion
-  Louis Roederer International Wine Book of the Year 2007 for the Wine Atlas of Australia.

He is a Member of Academie Internationale du Vin and Patron Wine Communicators of Australia.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Managing Director of Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards Pty Ltd, of Warradale, Eden Valley, Springton, Nildottie (SA), and Wood Wood, Victoria.

For 21 years Robert Hamilton was at the helm of active operations of Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards Pty Ltd. His appointment as General Manager was announced in September 1955.

Robert's father, the late Eric Hamilton, had been Chairman and Chief Administrative and Marketing Executive of the Company since it was incorporated in 1930 (he had previously been in charge as Executor and Trustee of the estate of his father, Frank Hamilton).

Born in 1926, Robert was educated at St Peter's College. Robert was stroke the St Peter's First 8 which won the Head of the River in 1943.

In that same year he joined the Royal Australian Navy, serving in the Pacific area to 1946.

Robert was prominently involved in the purchase of Hamilton's of Penfolds' old Eden Valley winery in 1965.

The next move after Eden Valley was to take up land at Nildottie on the Greenways Irrigation Scheme, where the Company had a small winery and tasting room. This was followed by an interest in Wood Wood, near Swan Hill, Victoria.

Robert married Dorothy, a daughter of Sir Arthur and Lady Rymill.

Induction: 20.10.2007

Valmai Hankel PSM was born and educated in Adelaide. She worked in the State Library of South Australia for 43 years. Her special interest was in rare books, which she enthusiastically promoted, and she was largely responsible for building up the Library's wine literature collection, including publications, winery records and labels, so that it is now one of the biggest in the world.

She was awarded the Public Service Medal in the 1996 Australia Day Honours List mainly for her work with rare books.

For some 30 years she has written about wine, especially its history and personalities, with many of her articles being on the Barossa.

Valmai is Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia and was involved in the publication of their guide books, Explore the Barossa and Discover the Barossa and has contributed to numerous other books.

Part of her work as a committee member of the Friends of the State Library of South Australia involves researching and writing the introductions to many of their publications of Australian explorers' journals.

Valmai has been a regular guest on ABC radio, and is a popular public speaker she has given several talks in the Barossa and would like to give more!

In her spare time, she breeds part-Arabian ponies on her property in the rain-shadow of the hills, not far from the Barossa, and travels alone in the outback in her elderly LandCruiser always with a supply of Barossa reds. She has been a regular visitor to the Barossa since taking up wine seriously in 1960.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Valmai into the Wine Fraternity as a Companion.

Induction: 16.10.2016



Chris Hatcher has lived and worked as a winemaker in the Barossa Valley for the last 42 years.

On completion of a Science Degree at the University of Adelaide he joined Kaiser Stuhl and studied winemaking at Charles Sturt University. After holding Senior Winemaking positions at Kaiser Stuhl and Orlando, Chris joined Wolf Blass Wines in 1987 and has led the winemaking team as the Chief Winemaker for the last 20 years.

During this period Wolf Blass Wines has won many awards in Australia and internationally including the:

Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1999.

 International Winemaker of the Year” at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London in 2002 and 2013.

International Red Winemaker of the Year at the International Wine Challenge in London in 2008, 2013 and 2016.

 Winery of the Year at the San Francisco International in 2015.

 Chris is one of Australia’s most experienced wine show judges having judged in more than 85 wine shows in Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom. He has been a Panel Chairman at all of the mainland Australian Capital Wine Shows and has been Chairman of Judges in Perth.

 Chris and wife Anne have been happily married for 42 years and have a daughter Kate, son Tom and grandchildren Oliver, Chester and Chloe.





Induction: 30.01.1975

Australia's first winemaker to be awarded a Churchill Fellowship, Cyril Henschke will be remembered for his intellectual rigour and his passionate commitment to winemaking excellence.

Great-grandson of Johann Christian Henschke who migrated from Kutschlau, Silesia in 19842, Cyril was educated in the Barossa and learnt the art of winemaking from his father Paul.

In 1946 he took over management of the family winery at Keyneton and began a life-long career, pioneering the development of Australian varietal table wines.

He created two iconic single vineyard Shiraz varietals during his career Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone and led the re-birth of Eden Valley as an internationally recognised cool-climate wine region.

He is also credited with planting some of the region's first Cabernet Sauvignon in the 1960's, recognised in the legendary Cyril Henschke, launched by his son Stephen.

In 1970 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study winemaking and viticulture in Europe and this enabled him to make a further impact on winemaking trends in the Barossa.

Induction: 28.04.2011

Prue Henschke

Inducted a Baron 4/11/12

Prue was born in Adelaide on the 24th August 1951. She attended the Glenelg primary school and from grade 5 until the completion of secondary school at Woodlands CEGGS. Her education continued at the University of Adelaide where she obtained a degree in Science.

Prue married Stephen in 1975 and accompanied her husband to Geisenheim, Germany, where they both attended the Geisenheim Institute as Guest Listeners. During this period she also worked in the Institutes Vine Breeding vineyards and laboratories.

On her return to Australia Prue spent the next 5 years at the Roseworthy College working as a technical Assistant in the Viticulture section researching top-grafting techniques. She also found time to study, by correspondence, wine science at the Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.

Prue then joined the Henschke Viticultural team. She has been involved in a mass selection program, canopy management and re-trellising using the Scott Henry Trellis system. Prue has also focussed her attention on soil management, introducing permanent swards, manages the vineyards organically and has introduced native species into the vineyard environment.

Awards have followed her career and include:

1994 Joint International Red Winemaker of the year, London

1997 Barons of Barossa Vigneron of the Year.

2001 Premiers Certificate of Appreciation Award for outstanding Volunteer service.

2007 Rural Landholder Commendation Award for Exceptional  Volunteer Contribution.

2010 Advantage SA Regional Sustainability Award.

2011 Women of Style Environmental Award.

2012 SA Wine Industry Associations Award for Environmental Excellence (small- medium business) in the area of Land and Biodiversity.

Prue is also involved as a member or serving officer in over a dozen organisations in the areas of environment, biodynamics, water allocation, bush gardens and native grass resources.

Prue loves to cook and makes a mean Streuselkuchen and Rote Grutze, is a keen golfer and is constantly fascinated by the century old vines bursting into life each Spring producing grapes which make very special wines.

Prue and Stephen have 3 children, Johann, Justine and Andreas.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Prue Henschke into the Fraternity.

Induction: 10.03.1984

Son of Cyril Alfred Henschke and great great grandson of Johann Christian Henschke, who migrated from Kutschlau, Silesia, to South Australia in 1841, and who commenced winemaking in the Barossa, selling his first wines in 1868.

Following his father Cyril's death in 1979, fifth-generation Stephen Henschke became Winemaker and Managing Director of C A Henschke & Co at Keyneton. Stephen completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at Adelaide University in 1973, gained winemaking experience at Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley, and with his wife Prue, also a Science Graduate from Adelaide University, spent two years at the Geisenheim Institute of Viticulture and Wine Technology in Germany.

In 1988 and 1989 Stephen and Prue spent vintages in Burgundy and Bordeaux respectively, in order to research the grass roots level of viticulture and winemaking in those regions. With a widened perspective they have forged their own styles for their wines.

In recent years, Stephen and Prue have received considerable national and international acclaim. Their achievements include:

-The Qantas Cup in 1988

- The International Wine Challenge Trophy 1990

- 'International Red Winemakers of the Year' Award 1994/95 WINE Magazine UK

- The Advance Australia Award for outstanding Contribution in the Wine Industry 1995

- The Len Evans Trophy in Canberra 1995 for the Best Table Wine of Show

- The Penguin Good Australian Wine Guide 1995 Wine of the Year

- The Tucker Seabrook Trophy 1996 Sydney Best Wine judged from all major shows held throughout Australia in the previous year

- The 1995, 1997 and 2005 UK International Wine and Spirit Competition Trophy for the Best Shiraz Worldwide

- The Rod Schubert Trophy 2003 Barossa for Most Outstanding Red Wine of Show

- 'Winemaker of the Year' Award 2006 Gourmet Traveller Wine

- Jeremy Oliver's The Australian Wine Annual 2008 Wine of the Year

Stephen has been involved in a number of community activities over the years including:

- Eden Valley Winegrowers - Committee/ Past Chairman

- Barossa Winemakers Committee - Past Executive Member/Environment Representative

- Barossa Wine Show - Past Committee

- Barossa Geographical Indications - Past Committee

- CRC-Wine Industry Reference Group for Tannin Project (past)

- Associate Wine Judge - Adelaide 1992-3/Canberra 1993-4

- Wine Judge - Perth 1997/Hyatt Wine Awards Adelaide 1988-current/Great Australian Shiraz Challenge 1998-current

- Senior Wine Judge - Perth 1998

- Barons of Barossa Wine Fraternity - Honorary Vigneron/Master

- Barossa Valley Apex Club - Past Committee

- Keyneton CFS volunteer since 1979

Stephen is also a keen balloonist and is a qualified pilot.

Induction: 10.03.1984

Robert first became associated with the Australian Wine Industry in 1961 when employed by Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd which was a Company importing and supplying the Wine Industry of Australia with machinery and chemicals needed in the production of grapes and wine.

Through this association he became a steward at the Adelaide Wine Show in 1967, and subsequently in 1971 was appointed a Judge at the Adelaide Wine Show.

He has judged consistently at all major Australian Wine Shows, being Chairman for three years at the Pert Wine Show, and in 1979-1983 was appointed Chairman of Judges at the Adelaide Wine Show. He has judged at the Barossa Wine Shows since 1979.

In 1978, Robert co-founded a Company called "Masterson Pty Ltd" with Peter Lehmann. During 1978 and 1979 this Company processed significant quantities of grapes from the Barossa Valley, which were at risk because of the withdrawal of a major wine company from the wine-making activities of the Barossa Valley.

In 1981, Robert was appointed the inaugural Chairman of the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation, which was formed out of the restructuring of the Old Australian Wine Board.

Induction: 28.04.2011

Bernard Hickin was born in Melbourne on the 13th July 1953. He is married to Carolyn and they have three children, Mark, Michael and John.

He attended Roseworthy Agriculture College from 1971 to 1975 and for the first two years studied Agriculture then specialising in winemaking to obtain a Diploma in Winemaking. This was followed by several management development studies including the University SA Executive Management Programme and a Chinese cultural awareness course.

Bernard has worked in the wine industry for 37 years in various wine making roles, initially in New South Wales before moving to the Barossa in 1989. In 1994 he was promoted to Senior Winemaker at Orlando and in 1997 he was promoted to the position of Group White and Sparkling Winemaker. Bernard developed the Sparkling Portfolio under the Jacobs Creek label in 1998 as well as the Botrytis Semillon Style under the Gramp label. In 2006 he achieved the position of Orlando Chief Winemaker and then became the Global Face behind Jacobs Creek taking over from Philip Laffer in 2010. During the 1990s Bernard also developed oak innovation processes with a focus on French forest sourcing for Orlando wines.

Over the years Bernard has been actively involved as a wine judge at many wine shows including Melbourne, Canberra and the Barossa.

Bernard is a member of the following organisations:
Director International Riesling Foundation based in New York.
Member Wine Barossa Committee of the BGWA Association.
Member Barossa Grape Growers Association.
Member Gomersal Grape Growers Association.
Past Committee Member - ASVO Wine Show Committee.
Wine Judge Royal Melbourne Wine Show.
Senior Panel Member AWBC Export Approval Board.

Bernard is passionate about Barossa and Eden valley wines. In his current role at Orlando he acts as a global ambassador for the Barossa in the USA, Canada, Western Europe and Asia. Since 2001 Bernard has developed and currently manages a family owned vineyard and is currently revegetating indigenous native trees on the farm.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Bernard Hickin to the Fraternity.

Induction: 09.08.1980

Ian was born on 23rd March 1929, in Horsham, Victoria and graduated with a Diploma of Oenology in 1950.

Ian has held many senior positions in the wine industry and has made the following significant contributions:

  • First winemaker to encourage and control the malo-lactic fermentation in Australian dry red winemaking on a commercial basis. The wine became the famed 1953 Coonawarra Estate Claret.

  • First in the world to apply Mono pumps for pumping crushed grapes.

  • Initiated the importation of the first Coq press, the revolutionary new continuous type.

  • First Australian to make sparkling wine by a modified Charmat pressure tank process.

  • Developed the technique of pasteurising sparkling wine in bottle, but at the radically low temperature of 73°C.

  • Invented a new technique for disgorging champagne from bottle.

  • Contributed to the development of the “bag-in-the-box package for wine for Penfolds Wines, and the patented “Airesflow tap.

  • Installed the first application of secondary fermentation to cider making in Australia, for the Cider Barrel Pty Ltd, Melbourne.

  • Initiated the introduction of the first Chisholm-Ryder mechanical grape harvesting machine for commercial use.

  • Invented the “Winery-in-the-round concept that was first built at Hollyden, NSW.

  • Responsible for the use of trading name “Kaiser Stuhl.

Community and Industry Activities:

  • Former Secretary, Barossa Valley Industries Development Committee

  • Former President, Barossa Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce

  • Former Member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Federal Wine and Brandy Producers Council of Australia

  • Immediate Past Chairman of the Liquor Industry Consultative Council of Victoria

  • Past President (inaugural) of the Wine Press Club of Victoria, 1979-1980

Induction: 23.10.1992


Induction: 30.01.1975

Wine statesman, sportsman and racing identity, Wyndham Hill Smith was a significant player in the birth of the modern Australian wine industry.

Great-grandson of Samuel Smith who established Yalumba in 1849, Wyndham entered the family business in 1928 as a winemaker trainee. He gained marketing and management experience when he was appointed Manager of Yalumba's Western Australian division in 1930 and also excelled at cricket, representing Western Australia against England and South Africa.

On the tragic death of his brother Sidney in the Kyeema air disaster in 1938, he was thrust into the role of Yalumba's Managing Director, a position he held until 1975.

Wyndham established new vineyards at Oxford Landing near Waikerie and revitalised the historic Pewsey Vale vineyard in Eden Valley. He also led the renaissance from fortifieds to table wine during the 1960's and 1970's, introducing new labels and wine styles to meet Australia's changing palate.

A passionate punter, Wyndham was a Director of Lindsay Park Stud for many years and was actively involved in the development of SA thoroughbred racing.

Induction: 20.10.2007

Adrian is a sixth generation born & bred Barossan, with ancestry on both sides of his family tracing back to Silesia.

After years of helping in the family vineyard during school holidays, when he graduated from high school, he vowed to never go into a vineyard again.  But nevertheless he gradually was drawn back to the family vineyard, 80% shiraz, which included some precious pre-1910 plantings.  

Utilising traditional methods learnt from his Grandfather combined with knowledge he gained from his peers, Adrian became a successful Barossa grape grower.

Adrian, along with his wife April and their three children, hopes to continue the Hoffmann family tradition of producing premium grapes that go into some of the best wine the Barossa has to offer for many generations to come.

In 1996, Adrian received the Young Citizen of the Year from the Kapunda District Council for his youth work and service to local sporting bodies.  

In 1999, he became the inaugural Young Ambassador for the Barossa, representing the region at numerous functions.  

In 2001, he was named Young Citizen of the Year by the Barossa Council for his continued involvement within the Barossa community and particularly his role as Young Ambassador and his work on the Barossa Vintage Festival Committee.

Adrian is a member of the Agriculture Bureau of SA Koonunga Branch, the Barossa Viticultural Technical Group and, more recently, the Barossa Grape and Wine Association Steering Committee and Grapes Barossa.

He was the first recipient of the Barossa Young Viticulturist Fellowship Award in 2006.

Adrian has been on the organising committee for the Barossa Vintage Festival for the 2001, 2003 and 2005 Vintage Festivals and was Chairperson of the 2007 Festival.

He has been a Board member of the Barossa Wine and Tourism Association since 2005 and been actively involved in promoting Brand Barossa. 

The Barons of Barossa welcome Adrian's passion for tradition and his commitment to the Barossa Wine Industry.   

Induction: 03.04.1975

Only son of the late Erwin Adolf Hoffmann and Laurel Hoffmann, MBE, renowned for her outstanding community work.

Bruce represents the fifth generation of the Hoffmann family in Australia. His great great grandfather, Samuel Hoffmann, migrated from Silesia, Germany in 1847. He chose a picturesque location on the banks of a small river today known as the North Para in the heart of the Barossa as his home, which was the site of the Hoffmann Winery.

Educated at Tanunda Primary School, Nuriootpa High School, Scotch College and Roseworthy College studying oenology. Married in 1959 to Joan Edith Gill.

  • President, Tanunda Tourist Association and Town Representative of Barossa Valley Tourist Association

  • Chairman, Floats Committee and Member of Executive Committee for Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association

  • Vice President, Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association

  • President, North Para Hospital Barbecue Committee Incorporated

  • Treasurer, Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association (Tanunda Branch) which incorporates the Annual Vintage Dinner in the Tanunda Show Hall

  • Committee Member, Angaston Boy Scouts

  • Member, Adelaide Soaring Club

  • Foundation Member of Barossa Valley Gliding Club and was one of its original instructors

  • Held Private Pilots Licence for Powered Light Aircraft

  • Past Committee Member, Tanunda Kindergarten

  • Member, Barossa Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce

A keen musician, Bruce was the youngest member of the Tanunda Town Band at the age of 12.

Induction: 16.10.2016


Ian’s Barossa journey began in 1973 after his father, John, changed from a career in brewing to become General Manager of Dalgety Wine Estates.


As a young lad Ian was fascinated by the vintages at Saltram. After completing high school he took a gap year which included vintages in Hunter, Barossa and California wineries. He then completed his winemaking degree at Roseworthy followed by positions at Penfolds and Cranwick Estate in Griffith NSW where he met his wife Daniela. During this period he also worked vintages in France and Germany.


In 1998 Ian returned to the Barossa and joined Peter Lehmann Wines and has been involved in the last 18 vintages. In 2015 Ian was appointed Chief Winemaker.


Ian was chair of the Show Committee from 2013-2015 and during this period the Committee

implemented the AWAC assessment course for associates, the expansion of awards and introducing greater major prizes generating a stronger connection to a wider group of Barossa businesses and associates.


Ian is an active judge on the national wine and regional show calendar as a panel chair, a graduate of the 2009 Len Evans Tutorial, and a member of ASVO.


He enjoys travelling the world and pouring the wines of the Barossa and telling our regional story.











Induction: 23.10.1992


Induction: 03.04.1975

Son of Leslie Penfold Hyland, and great grandson of Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold who migrated from Sussex, England, in 1844 and laid the foundations of the Penfold vigneron complex at Grange Vineyards, Magill, South Australia.

Educated at St Peter's College and Geelong College.

Joined the family business in 1929 and married Margaret C Lewis in 1939.

  • Chairman and Chief Executive Director of Penfolds Wines Australia Ltd and Penfolds Wines Limited since 1966

  • Deputy Chairman 1963-1966

  • Delegate for many years to Federal viticultural Council which was founded by Frank Penfold Hyland in 1918

  • Delegate to Wine & Brandy Producers Council of Australia in 1957

  • Federal President of the Council 1960-1964 and for a second period in 1968-1973

  • President of Wine & Brandy Producers Association of South Australia from 1960-1963

  • Appointed Director and South Australian Manager of Penfolds in 1958 and Director of Penfolds Australia Limited in 1962

On becoming Chairman of the Company in 1967, Jeffery set out on a major plan of re-organisation and development of the Company's interests, the initial stage commencing with the re-organisation of the Nuriootpa Winery, resulting in major growth of the Company.

In 1972, received the honour of O.B.E. from Her Majesty in recognition of outstanding services to the industry and in civic affairs.

Member of the original group which formed the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association as both a Committee man and President.

Induction: 06.11.1998

The Irvines came from the wind swept Orkneys and settled in Truro.

After finishing his tertiary education, James started in 1951 with Glenloth Wines as a laboratory assistant. Following Glenloth came Thomas Hardy, Krondorf, Dalgety wine Estates, Saltram and finally Irvine and he has held all the posts from laboratory assistant to Managing Director.

During the hard times of the 1960's he worked hard at trying to help grape growers with innovative buying schemes, and became a Member of the Lone Pine Agricultural Bureau.

The 1970's saw him as an Apexian with the Tanunda Club. It was also the time in which he gave back the name Siegersdorf to the winery.

He became Vice President of the Australian Grape Producers Association and was the technical adviser for the building that was the beginning of VinPac International. During this time he also brought back the name "Krondorf" to the wine industry. He also created Australia's most photographed winery sign, the one on the corner of Barossa Way and Krondorf Road.

Today he runs his own successful label, Irvine, and is a consultant to the wine industry.

Induction: 10.08.2014

Joanne Irvine was born in the Barossa, the eldest daughter of Jim and Marjorie Irvine. Her winemaking skills began to develop at a very early age – she recalls following her father around the winery from the age of seven until she left to embark on a career in nursing.

She worked as an operating theatre nurse in South Australia’s major hospitals for two decades before having a midlife crisis and returning to her lifelong passion - wine.

While studying winemaking, Jo worked several vintages in Sonoma and Napa in California. She has been a winemaker for Irvine Wines since 2002, producing trophy winning wines for the Irvine label and for more than thirty clients, both nationally and internationally.  She is responsible for the establishment of many successful and well known brands here in the Barossa.

Her career highlights include:

  • 2006 – London International Wine Challenge “Red Winemaker of the Year” and â€œBest Zinfandel in the World”
  • 2008 – First recipient of the Bruce Thiele Memorial Trophy for “Best Alternative Wine” at The Barossa Wine Show.
  • 2008 – State finalist in Australia’s Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.
  • 2009 – Barons of Barossa Winemaker of the Year.
  • And in 2013 an Eden Valley Riesling Joanne made for a client won four trophies at the Barossa Wine Show including “Best Wine in Show”.

Jo and partner Peter established Wine Wise In 2010, a 400 tonne purpose built, small batch processing facility in Nuriootpa where she makes premium wines for wine labels across Australia.

Joanne lives in Lyndoch with partner Peter and two sons, Sam and Tom.

The Barons welcome Joanne Irvine into The Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.

Induction: 09.08.1980

Ross was born in Tanunda on 21st December 1925, the son of Edward and Frieda Jenkins of Tanunda, South Australia.

He attended Tanunda Primary School and Nuriootpa High School and studied accountancy by correspondence, 1944-1948. In later years, he studied Management at the South Australian Institute of Technology, 1966-1969.

In 1960 he married Isla Haab of Tanunda. They have three sons.

Company background

In the year 1941 he joined B Seppelt & Sons Ltd; 1956 appointed Manager Chateau Tanunda; 1961 transferred to Seppeltsfield Winery as Assistant Manager; 1966 appointed Manager Seppeltsfield; 1968 appointed Company Production Manager and then transferred to Head Office, Adelaide; 1972 appointed Associate Director; 1975 appointed Assistant General Manager and Chairman of Management Committee; 1977 appointed Director; 1979 appointed Production Director and Chairman of Management Committee.

He has also been a Member of Roseworthy Agricultural College Wine Courses Advisory Committee.

Community activities

  • Bacchus Club former President of Barossa Valley Branch

  • St Georges Anglican Church, Magill Warden and Treasurer

  • Tanunda Band Competitions Member of Committee (former President)

  • Tanunda Show Society former Vice President and Treasurer, now an Honorary Life Member

  • Tanunda Football Club former President and Captain

  • Tanunda Cricket Club former President and Captain, now a Life Member

  • Tanunda Swimming Pool Committee former President and Secretary

  • Barossa Valley Rotary Club former Secretary and Member

  • Tanunda Branch Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association former Member

  • Tanunda Institute Committee former Member

Induction: 21.10.1988

Born in Tanunda and educated at primary level in Tanunda before attending the Nuriootpa High School.

He was first employed as a cooper at the family cooperage of the late AP John in Tanunda and subsequently participated in the administration of the business.

During World War II he served in the RAAF at Moratoi, Labuan, Brunie Bay and Borneo.

In 1959 he left to establish a hardware business in Tanunda until 1970 when he joined B Seppelt & Sons at Seppeltsfield. The 1983 "Tourist Operator of the Year" Award was a recognition of his contribution.

He has a very broad and successful record in playing, conducting, education and administration which includes:

  • Gal joined the Tanunda Town Band at the age of 8 and won his first solo at the age of 9 in Adelaide, the first of many championship trophies.

  • Gal served on the committee of the Tanunda Town Band for 35 years and was appointed Musical Director in 1954 holding that position for 22 years.

  • He was the youngest "A" Grade Musical Director in Australia to win the national title of "Australian Champion".

  • In 1960 he was the guest conductor for Australia's largest massed band performance of 600 bandsmen in Adelaide for the visit of the Queen Mother.

Under him, the Band won a record 11 consecutive first places in test piece competition in the State Championships, and the Victorian State Championships at Ballarat.

He has been a State and National championship adjudicator for 36 years and officiated at over 100 contests and was responsible for creating the famous "Melodienacht" in Tanunda and the annual Music Night in Adelaide.

Induction: 06.11.1998

After finishing at Nuriootpa High School, Peter became an apprentice cooper at the family firm in 1977 which was producing 100 barrels a year.

In 1984 he became Assistant Manager and became the company's Manager some four years later.

Under Peter's leadership, AP John & Sons were the first cooperage in the world to introduce CNC technology into the fabrication aspects of cooperage, in association with German machinery development.

In 1998/99 production reached 17,000 barrels, making him responsible for the largest production cooperage in Australia.

AP John Coopers have the pre-eminent reputation for premium quality American oak barrels in the world and are closely associated with most of Australia's "benchmark" red wine brands.

Peter has held the posts of Secretary, Foodmaster, Vice President and President of the Barossa Bacchus Club.

In 1987, 1989 and 1991 he was on the Barossa Vintage Festival "Jazz at the Chateau" Committee.

During 1987 and 1989 he was also on the Barossa Vintage Festival Field Day Committees.

He was a core Committee Member of the Tanunda Day Committee and its President in 1995.

Induction: 20.06.1986

Warren was born in Tanunda on 30th November 1928 and educated at the Tanunda Primary School and Nuriootpa High School.

In 1943 he commenced his apprenticeship with his father, Arthur Paul John, in the Coopering Trade, started by his grandfather C P John in the late 1880's, and learnt the art of making casks and vats by hand.

In July 1945, A P John formed the partnership of A P John and Sons consisting of himself and five sons.

Following the death of Warren's father in 1952 and one other brother in 1949, two other brothers terminated their connections with the firm.

Gradual demand for new American and French Oak casks in the late 1960's for making Premium Wines resulted in greater confidence in the trade. Modifications and improvements to outdated plant were personally fabricated to improve efficiency until more modern machinery could be purchased.

Also, inspection of various types of machines in American Cooperages led to the purchase of new machines. Less complex new machinery has also been supplied by local manufacturers. The result was a highly efficient workshop producing 4,000-4,500 casks a year.

Warren began Tenor Horn lessons at the age of 9 and joined the Tanunda Town Band at the age of 11. He was privileged to share the honour of winning the Australian "A" Grade championship in 1957, and was chosen as principal EbBass player in the SA "All Star Band" under the Baton of Squadron Leader, Laurie Hicks.

Warren played competitive cricket for Tanunda Cricket Club, was a member of the Tanunda Motor Cycle Club and competed successfully in Scrambles and Speed Trials.

Induction: 04.11.1994

Judith is one of only three women in SA Local Government history to have achieved the office of District Clerk. Judith is currently the only female Chief Executive Officer of a local government body in South Australia, in this case, the District Council of Angaston which she has served for 26 years (14 years as Deputy District Clerk and 6 years as CEO). She is currently CEO of the Barossa Council.

Educated in the Barossa Valley at Nuriootpa High School, Judith commenced her working career in the wine industry working in the laboratory at Penfolds Nuriootpa, and later joining the council during which she obtained the qualification of Diploma in Local Government Administration.

She has served on many local Committees and Boards including the St John Ambulance, The Angaston Institute, Staehr Street Youth Workshop Old Union Chapel Restoration and Vintage Festival Committees. She is also a Justice of the Peace.

Her main interest, aside from this busy public life, is in assisting her husband Peter with his horse training establishment. In particular, Judith is actively interested in horse breeding she owns five brood mares.

Induction: 28.04.2011

Troy Kalleske

Inducted a Baron 4/11/12

Troy was born on the 8th March in 1978 at Kapunda and grew up on the family grape growing and farming property at Greenock which his ancestors established in 1853.

Troy was educated at the Greenock Primary School, Faith Lutheran Secondary School and then obtained his Bachelor of Agriculture Science (Oenology) at the University of Adelaide during which he received  three major prizes including the prestigious South Australian Wine and Brandy Industry Association Medal.

His early career highlights include being selected as a graduate winemaker and gaining experience at Seppelt Great Western, Penfolds, Lindemans Karadoc, Seppeltsfield and also working as vintage winemaker with Kendall-Jackson in Sonoma, USA.

In 2002 Troy and his brother Tony established Kalleske Wines and in a few short years Kalleske Wines have achieved an impressive record.

2007 awarded V-know Peoples Choice Australian Young Gun of Wine.

2007/2011 Finalist in the Wine Society Young Winemaker of the Year awards.

2008 named the Barons of Barossa Winemaker of the Year.

2009 awarded Best Australian Shiraz Trophy at the London International Wine Challenge.

2010 awarded Best Red Wine of Show at the Australia/NZ Organic Wine Show.

2011 awarded Best Wine of Show at the Shanghai International Wine Show.

2012 awarded three trophies at the London International Wine Challenge: the International Biodynamic, Australian Red and Barossa GSM Trophies.

Troys community involvement includes membership in the Golden Key National Society, Vikings Basketball Club, Greenock St. Peters Lutheran Church, 10 years organising member of the Marananga Wine Show and former Deputy Chair of the Wine Barossa Committee.

Troy is married to wife Sally and they have two children, Olivia and Johann.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Troy Kalleske into the Fraternity.


Induction: 30.01.1975

Founding Grand Master of the Barons of Barossa.

George studied Oenology and Viticulture at the University of Belgrade and in Vienna, and graduated as Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Munich in 1947.

In 1949 he and his family migrated from Yugoslavia with a proud history of family tradition in winemaking. His family have been vignerons on the slopes of the Danube since 1690, and records reveal exports of Karlovitzer Red to Vienna in 1798.

In 1961 he was appointed winemaker at the South Australian Grape Growers Cooperative and subsequently became Technical Manager, Winery Manager, Technical Director and Director of Kaiser-Stuhl Wines.

George has joined in the civic activities of the Valley, particularly supporting the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association and was President of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association in 1969, 1971 and 1973.

He was Chairman of the Fesitval Wine Auction Committee in 1975 and President of the Bacchus Club (Barossa Valley Branch) 1968.

In 1967 he was privileged and honoured to be the first Australian to chair and judge at the International Wine Exhibition in Montpellier, France.

In 1971 he was invited to conduct and chair the First International Wine Show in Auckland, New Zealand. These shows are now an annual event.

Induction: 04.11.1994

Dean was the Senior Fortified Winemaker with the Southcorp Wine Group and was responsible for a large proportion of the most famous brand names of fortified wines.

Under his care and guidance, Dean was responsible for the world famous collection of vintages going back to 1876 of Port stocks which make up Mt Rufus, Macquarie, Samuel's and where many other blends are housed. Just as importantly are the sherries the Finos, Amontillados and Oloroso styles made very carefully by the traditional solera process. Within a very short time, Dean anticipates that he will be the custodian of 40,000 barrels.

Dean Kraehenbuhl is well qualified for his role he has worked in all facets of the industry in the Barossa Valley since leaving Nuriootpa High School, has developed through 30 years of experience and several study trips to overseas wine making countries like Spain, Portugal, France and California knowledge and dedication which is shared by only a meagre handful of experts.

Induction: 17.03.1978

Son of Rudolf Kronberger, a Master Jeweller in Vienna, and Hermina, his wife.

Educated at a private primary school and high school in Vienna. Tertiary education at the Higher Oenological and Pomological Institute in Klosterneuburg. Undertook theoretical studies with practical work at a Viticultural School as a “Voluntair Verwalter (no pay) for two years in Bad Kreuznach in the Rheinland, Germany.

Desiring to gain overseas experience in Oenology, he decided to go to South Australia, arriving in Adelaide on 26th January, 1929. On 3rd March, 1929, he commenced employment with Messrs S Smith & Son Pty Ltd, “Yalumba, Angaston, as a Wine Chemist. He remained with Yalumba as a Wine Chemist and Technical Manager until his retirement in December 1973.

Professional achievements:

  • First winemaker in Australia to bottle dry while table wines three months after fermentation in 1933.

  • Lectured on the white table wines of the Barossa Valley District at the first symposium on Australian wines at the invitation of University House, Australian National University, Canberra.

  • Wine Judge for a number of years at the Royal Sydney Easter Show.

Sport and recreation:

  • Made a Life Member of the Barossa Valley Golf Club in 1977

  • Former Member of the Angaston Rifle Club, Boy Scouts Association, Tennis Club, Foundation Member and Treasurer of the Angaston Mens Club

  • Member of the Angaston Glee Club and Tanunda Liedertafel

  • First Cellar Master of the Barossa Valley Bacchus Club

  • Member of the Adelaide Bacchus Club

Induction: 30.01.1975

Politician and wine lover, Sir Condor Laucke is remembered fondly by the Barossa community as a champion of the region and its wine industry for more than 40 years.

The eldest son of Friedrich Laucke who migrated from Brandeberg, Germany in 1895, Condor joined the family's flour milling business after graduating from the School of Mines in Adelaide.

He was appointed Director and General Manager of the family's large milling and stock feed enterprise in 1947 but was attracted by a career in community service.

He was elected to the House of Assembly in 1956 and in 1967 moved to the national arena, after election as a Senator for South Australia.

Sir Condor made a substantial contribution to the improvement of regional services during his career, contributing to committees on land settlement, the social environment, pollution, tourism, recreation and Aboriginal affairs.

He was also passionate about the Barossa wine industry and owned a substantial vineyard portfolio which contributed fruit to some of the region's best known wines.

Induction: 31.08.1990

Born on 6th March 1952, Angaston, son to Peter and Annie Lehmann and married to wife Ingrid.

Educated at Angaston Primary School, Nuriootpa High School and Scotch College, Adelaide.

Douglas started work as a Jackeroo at Wirrealpa Station, Flinders Ranges in 1970. He then became a cellar hand at Saltram Winery and after a series of moves became General Manager Winemaker at Basedow Wines. In 1990 he was appointed Chief Executive of Peter Lehmann and Basedow Wines.

Community involvement:

  • Vintage Festival Committee 1979, Saturday Fair

  • Vintage Festival Committee 1981, Wine Auction

  • Vintage Festival Committee 1983, Saturday Fair

  • Vintage Festival Committee Chairman 1985, Strassen Fest

  • Barossa Valley Bacchus Club, 7 years on Committee and holding office as Wine Master, 2 years Food Master and President

  • Barossa Winemakers Association, 1978-1980, Wine Show Committee

  • Barossa Winemakers Association, 1989-1990, Executive Committee

  • Barossa Winemakers Association, 1989, Chairman Gourmet Weekend Committee

  • Barossa Winemakers Association, 1990, Gourmet Weekend Committee

Induction: 30.01.1975

Born on 18th August 1930, Peter is a fifth generation Australian of German extraction and son of a Lutheran Minister, Pastor Franz Julius Lehmann.

He was educated at a Primary School in Angaston, and at Light Pass Lutheran School. Secondary education received at Nuriootpa High School, Immanuel College and Scotch College.

Peter describes his entry into the wine industry "as a fortuitous accident as a result of a chat at a local function between my recently widowed mother and Alfred Wark. Joined Yalumba, aged 17, on 30/- a week and for some time was probably overpaid. However, through the tolerance of my mentor, Rudi Kronberger, I was able to develop winemaking skills and in time became the winemaker for Yalumba's Associated Company, the Vintner's Co Ltd."

In 1959, after 13 years with Yalumba, Peter joined Saltram as manager/winemaker.

Peter's community interests are many and varied:

  • Past President of Angaston Kindergarten

  • Past President of Kalimna Golf Club

  • Past President of Angaston Bowling Club

  • Past President of Barossa and Light Bowling Association

  • Past President of Bacchus Club (Barossa Valley Branch)

  • Past President of Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce

  • President Vintage Festival Association

Induction: 12.03.1976

Clarence was the head of the family business of Liebich Holdings Pty Ltd, including B Liebich & Sons which traded under the name of Rovalley Wines. He was born at Rowland Flat on 14th November 1920, and attended the Rowland Flat Primary School.

Wally, or Darkie as he is best known, is a great grandson of Louis Liebich who came from Germany early in the State's history and settled at Greenock, in the Barossa Valley. He is a grandson of Gustav Liebich, who settled at Stonefield where he was widowed early, eventually remarrying and settling at Rowland Flat.

It was in Rowland Flat that Paul Benno Liebich, a son of Gustav and father of Clarence Walter, began building the Rovalley Cellar in the year 1919. Wally began working for his father in the vineyards in 1935 at the age of 15. On the death of his father six years later, he left the vineyards to work in the cellar as a winemaker.

Leslie Alwin (Lofty) and Wally carried on the business to 1953 when Lofty passed away. From then on Wally and his brother HK (Mick) Liebich have been in charge of the operation of the business, on the technical and sales sides respectively.

In 1947 Clarence was wed to Doris Selma Braunack of Gomeral. There are three children: Charmane, who was a finalist in the 1969 Barossa Valley Vintage Queen competition, and after whom Rovalley's highly successful sparkling wine Charmane was named; then came Brenton Paul, a director in the family business; and Susanne, who crowned the family's success and popularity in the Valley by becoming the 1937 Vintage Queen.

Induction: 07.11.2009

James was born on 13th January 1969 in Adelaide.  In 1986 his first job in the wine industry was at Orlando on the bottling line.  This was followed by two vintages at Yalumba as a cellar hand.  In 1989 he moved to the tasting cellar and then transferred to wine sales operating out of Adelaide.  In 1993, Yalumba gave James leave of absence to work for Oddbins in the UK for a year.  He came back to Yalumba where he resumed his position in wine sales.

In 1996 he had a career change, resigned from Yalumba and moved back to the Barossa and purchased a vineyard at Seppeltsfield.  In 1998 he started at Langmeil Winery and in 1999 he was appointed to the position of Sales & Marketing Manager which he still performs.

In spite of his busy schedule, James has enthusiastically involved himself in the local community:

-  1999 Convenor Vintage Festival first Jazz Under a Hot Tin Roof
-  2001 Convenor Bring back the Vintage Festival Fair
-  2003 Committee Member, Vintage Festival Fair
-  2005 Committee Member, Vintage Festival Fair
-  2006-2008 Committee Member, Wine Barossa
-  2006-2007 Member Working Party BGWA
-  2008 Committee Member BGWA

James has also been involved with the Barossa Generation Luncheon and Fundraiser and assisting the working party for the 150th birthday celebrations for the Kegel Club.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Albert John Ludbrook, better known as Jack, was South Australia's leading wine journalist for 28 years.

His work contributed to the remarkable growth of the wine appreciation movement by promoting public interest and attracting new members.

Early in the history of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festivals, Jack Ludbrook became involved on the publicity side and, over the years, he has given much assistance in this direction.

Born in North Adelaide on March 27th 1911, Jack was educated at Norwood Primary and High Schools and became a staff journalist with the Adelaide "News". He was for many years the State Government roundsman and Parliamentary reporter for that paper. In World War II he served with the AIF in New Guinea.

Induction: 01.11.1996

Timothy John Lynas has been a valuable acquisition to the Barossa Valley. Initially from Adelaide, Timothy learned about the automotive industry and management after spending 13 years in the family business.

In 1987 Tim realised his dream of owning his own company by purchasing Valley Ford in Tanunda, which has rapidly grown and now operates three automotive franchises with branches in Tanunda and Nuriootpa. The company has been a consistent achiever and has the title of the most awarded Ford dealership in Australia.

In his spare time, Timothy is an active competitor in motor sports, has a small collection of classic cars, a larger collection of classic Barossa wines and has contributed significantly to the Barossa.

Tim has been an active member of several local organisations including a term as President of the Tanunda District Commerce Association and Patron of both the Tanunda Show Society and Amateur Swimming Club.

Induction: 04.11.1994

Roger was born in Unley, South Australia on 10th September 1933 to John and Annette. Roger was educated at Morphett Vale Primary School and Pulteney Grammar School and brought up on his parents 22 hectare vineyard with a small winery at Pimpala, between Reynella and Morphett Vale. During the late 1950's and early 1960's, suburbia encroached and the property was sold for housing allotments.

Roger joined JB Macmahon Pty Ltd in 1959, then a small company with his father and a secretary, primarily selling corks and some chemicals. Roger set about securing agencies for quality vintaging and bottling equipment from Europe with a consequent substantial increase in staff and, in 1972, set up the first cork treatment factory in Australia.

Now, Roger is non-executive Managing Director and consultant to JB Macmahon Pty Ltd. He and his wife Beverley have two daughters, Belinda and Suzanne, son Daniel, and three granddaughters.

JB Macmahon Pty Ltd has been a generous supporter of the Barossa and have sponsored Vintage Festivals since the first in 1947.

Induction: 23.10.1992

Hazel could be described as a true Barossa diva. Her singing career has spanned more than fifty years and her performances include:

  • Sang as a soloist for the Australian Broadcasting Commission for over 30 years on four different programs

  • Sang to visiting dignitaries at Parliament House

  • Starred in a documentary of the Australian Outback for tourism promotion

  • Sang at the Royal Banquet for the King and Queen of Thailand

  • A treasured artist with the Tanunda Liedertafel for 35 years

  • A member of the St Petri Church Choir for 55 years and founder and conductor of the St Petri Singers

Hazel has also sung with the Tanunda Town Band, regularly performed at Vintage Festival concerts and over the years has taught many students vocal techniques.

Induction: 20.04.2017

Trevor March moved to Eden Valley in 1986 with his wife Fay and their 2 young children. They discovered that Heathvale had a rich viticulture and winemaking heritage and gradually replanted the original 1860s vineyard sites.

He became a senior lecturer at TAFE and was responsible for starting the first ‘Viticulture On Farm Training Scheme’ in Australia. 

During the 1990’s expansion in the wine industry, Trevor managed training in 6 different Wine Industry streams and developed an Australia wide National Training program.  

Trevor developed the TAFE Diploma in Viticulture, managing programs for 200+ students and 15 lecturers delivering Wine training from the Barossa campus. 

He served as Chairman of both the Barossa Wine Grape Industry Advisory Committee and the Eden Valley Wine Grape Growers Group until the BGWA was formed. 

He is currently chairman of the Eden Valley Promotions group that have trademarked Eden Valley Wines to protect it in perpetuity. 

The Barons of Barossa welcome Trevor March to the Wine Fraternity.

Induction: 28.04.2011

Bob McLean was born in Clare on 27th September 1947. He married Wilma on the 9th March 1974 and they have two children, Adam and Sarah.

Bob joined Orlando Wines in 1972 as one of the first dedicated public relations officers in the Australian wine industry, based in the old Rowland Flat school house. With mentors like Colin Gramp and Guenter Prass, industry leaders of the time, Bob was able to listen, learn and grow with the Barossa. It was during this period of sustainable growth, that the Barossa began its entry onto the world wine stage.

An early marker in Bobs career, and in wine promotion in this country, was the chance to create and stage manage a 25 year retrospective tasting of one wine style (Riesling), one maker (G. Gramp & Son) and one region (Barossa). This was the first time that all the top Australian wine writers had ever gathered for a tasting.

In the late 1970s, the McLeans transferred to Sydney where Bobs brief was to promote the companys presence in the premium table wine market while still maintaining responsibility for Barossa public relations for the company. He initiated trade familiarisation visits back to the original Gustav Gramp cellar in Barossa proving that the apple is always sweeter in the orchard, and even more effective than a day on Sydney Harbour.

From 1985 to 1988, Bob defected to the Adelaide Hills icon winery, Petaluma, for the chance to work with Croser and Len Evans, the most powerful mentor he has ever had.

He returned to the Barossa in 1988 as a co-owner and Managing Director of St. Hallett Wines. They were good times rebuilding vineyards, improving facilities and creating a peak production environment. With Rod Schubert as a graphic guide, the first stages of marketing and selling began taking the wines to the market by treading the boards.

In the ensuing years he travelled the world establishing geographical reference points for Shiraz, Australia and the Barossa.

Bob has now moved from a whole of industry role, to a hands on commitment with Wilma establishing their barr-Eden vineyard on Menglers Hill where they now produce a signature Riesling, Mataro, Grenache and Shiraz from this cooler garden of Eden.

Bob has also been involved in the following committees:
Inaugural Committee The Wine Industry 2020 Vision
Board Member Wine Australia
Director/Board Member South Australian Tourism Commission
Member Inaugural South Australian Wine Food Tourism Committee
Chair Barossa wine and Tourism Association
Chair Barossa Winemakers
Chair BBB/FM Community Radio
Chair South Australian Wine Press Club

The Barons of Barossa welcome Bob McLean to the Fraternity.

Induction: 15.10.2005

Mark McNamara started his cooking career in Adelaide at the prestigious Chelsea Restaurant in 1977. On completing his apprenticeship, Mark travelled to the UK further honing his skills in London and at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland.

He returned to SA in 1984 to take up a post graduate scholarship at Regency TAFE and settled in Gawler working as executive chef at some of Adelaide's finest restaurants including an extensive period at Drumminor where his love of fine wines was nurtured.

Mark and his family moved to Greenock in 1992, renovating and opening the "Pear Tree Cottage Restaurant" with his wife Jo-Ann. Here they won numerous awards and accolades for its unique regional cuisine and service.

His passion and belief in the Barossa, as a unique culinary destination, has seen him serve as a member on the Barossa representative team for the Tasting Australia "Regional Culinary Competition" on four subsequent occasions. This team won an unprecedented 3 silver 1 gold awards, cementing the Barossa's reputation as an area unequalled for regional cuisine.

After a period of teaching things culinary with both TAFE SA and Le Cordon Bleu, Mark has been lured back into the commercial kitchen to head up Appellation Restaurant at Peppers Hermitage in Marananga.

Mark's community involvement includes:

  • Barossa Gourmet Committee Member 1996-1998
  • Barossa Wine & Tourism Committee Member 1997-1999
  • Regional Tourism Award for Best Restaurant 1997
  • Co-convenor "Day in the Village of Greenock" Barossa Vintage Festival 1999
  • Food Barossa Organiser/Committee Member 1998-2005
  • Barossa Farmers Market Committee Member 2002
  • Convenor Barossa Pie Competition Tanunda Show 2004-2005

Induction: 20.10.2007

Charlie Melton started his path to winemaking after attending Hurlstone Agricultural High School.  This illustrious centre of learning in NSW was later to produce graduates such as the briefly Opposition Leader Mark Latham.  Charlie was grateful to have been a student during the glory years….

Although winemaking had not entered his head consciously at this stage, the fact that of all the agricultural pursuits he had been exposed to, winemaking was one of the few that did not require cleaning up with a shovel afterwards made it quite attractive.

At the end of his education he embarked on the obligatory young man's ute tour of Australia and, after many formative work experiences such as picking Walthram Cross by the bucket in Robinvale, he found himself in the Barossa Valley.

The delightfully tropical weather of the 1974 vintage gave him an early insight into downy mildew, amongst other things, and led to a permanent position as a cellar hand at Krondorf Wines.  Actually two positions were on offer, one in the cellar and one in the vineyard.  Charlie and his travelling companion Kenny Roach (who is still gainfully employed in the vineyard of Grant Burge) knew of course such a far-reaching decision required a considered and irrefutable process to arrive at the answer needed.

A toss of the coin took place!!

And so began Charlie's apprenticeship proper into the world of wine. 

His very first vintage was with Andrew Wigan and Charlie proceeded over the next decade or so to take his tutelage from both Andrew and Peter Lehmann after becoming a cellar hand at Saltram Wines in 1976.

He was part of the band of Saltram staff that moved with Peter to help establish the fledgling Peter Lehmann Wines which quickly led to more winemaking responsibilities. 

In 1986, Charlie resigned from Peter Lehmann Wines and, along with his wife Virginia, commenced the construction of the Charles Melton winery on land he had purchased on Krondorf Road.

The following 21 years have been enjoyable, exciting, and salutary all at the same time, and have included chairmanship of the Barossa Winemakers Association and a nomination as a finalist in Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine's "Australian Winemaker of the Year".

Consistently acknowledged as a leader in the resurgence of the Barossa as the pre-eminent wine region of Australia, Charlie considers the Barossa - both the wines and the community a unique and special place.


Induction: 21.10.1988

David was educated at the Greenock Primary School, Nuriootpa High School and the South Australian Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Accounting. He commenced employment as a clerk in 1954-1956 with the Lutheran Book Depot, Adelaide, then 4 years in the Education Department as a clerk and a further 4 years as a Trust Officer with the Public Trustees Office until 1964 when he joined the Barossa Co-Operative Winery.

In a long and successful career with Kaiser Stuhl, he served as Cost Accountant, Company Secretary and Financial Controller, financially administering the transfer to Penfolds Wines.

In 1983 he was appointed General Manager, Finance and Administration of Tarac Industries Pty Ltd at Nuriootpa.

Community service:

  • A member of the Apex Club of Barossa from 1967-1987, including a term as President.

  • Appointed Charter President of the Kiwanis Club of Barossa in 1986 and a director of various portfolios.

  • In 1976 he was appointed a Director of the Community Co-Operative Store (Nuriootpa) Ltd and in 1987 Chairman of the Board.

  • He has played an active role in the administration of the Lutheran Church since 1979 filling a number of roles.

  • Since 1967 he has been Auditor, Treasurer, Chairman and Elder of St Petri, Nuriootpa.

  • He became a member of the Nuriootpa High School Council in 1983 and Chairman of the Council from 1984 to 1988. In 1987 elected Chairman of the Nuriootpa High School Multi Purpose Hall Committee.

  • From 1985 to 1987 a member of the Barossa Valley Education Planning Committee.

Induction: 04.11.1994

Career Highlights Qualified in Business Managementin 1970 and was awarded the second Churchill Fellowship in the WineIndustry in 1971 to study Distillation and winery bi-product processingtechnology overseas.

As production manager of the Tarac group ofcompanies this inspired innovative design engineering, to achieveleading edge technology for distillation and associated processes inthe production of grape spirit, brandy and rum. This was acknowledgedwith a Food Industry Innovation Award in -1980.

Stan has travelled extensively to keep up with thelatest technology available around the world. With Tarac's growth inthe nineties his role changed to Corporate Projects Manager,concentrating on the development of new plant and buildings in theBarossa, Berri, Griffith and Beenleigh distilleries.

Other interests included 25 years as guest lecturer to Oenology students at Roseworthy and Adelaide University. Brandy judging and Winestate magazine assessments for spirits and fortified wines.

After 49 exciting years in the distillationindustry he now concentrates on his own companies, developingresidential real estate and a Retirement Village in Nuriootpa.

Community Service and committees - A lifelong service on numerous Barossa organizations, functions and service club, committees.

Induction: 10.03.1984

Leo was born in Angaston on 10th March 1938. Leo is married and has four daughters.

Leo was educated at the Vine Vale Primary School and Nuriootpa High School and commenced full time work in the vineyard at the age of 14.

Leo was involved in the following community services:

  • Barossa Grapegrowers Vine Selection Society, 13 years

  • Barossa Grapegrowers Vine Selection Society Chairman, 10 years

  • Chairman SA Vine Improvement Committee

  • Vice Chairman SA Vine Improvement Committee since inception

  • Barossa Grapegrowers Association Committee, 16 years

  • Barossa Wine Grape Advisory Council, Chairman since inception

  • Liberal Party, Angaston Branch

  • Member of the SA Wine Grape Advisory Council

  • Member of the Wine Service Guild of SA

  • Member of the Agriculture Bureau, Tanunda Branch

Induction: 06.11.1998

Aaron was born in the Western suburbs of Adelaide on 7th November 1940. In spite of wanting to be an architect, he became a mechanic in the family business working on Volkswagens and Porsches.

At 25 years of age, circumstances dictated a change and this resulted in running a newsagency followed by a record shop. Following these ventures, Aaron and a friend of some 26 years established the well known "Lunch Plus" at Unley. Three highly successful years later saw Aaron looking for a new lifestyle venture and after six months of looking around he discovered the former Seppelt Homestead in the Barossa. Twelve months of restoration saw the launch of the "leader in Barossa accommodation", the Lodge Country House. 6000 guests later, this benchmark business changed hands and Aaron, with his long-time friend, bought one of the Barossa's original farm houses as well as a 7-day grocery in Angaston which soon became a gourmet lunch outlet.

During this period he became the Chairman of the Barossa Wine and Tourism Association winning many accolades for his untiring commitment including the prestigious Harry Dowling award for regional tourism and the Barossa Citizen of the Year 2003.

Induction: 09.08.1980

Guenter was born on 20th November 1926, in Breitscheid, Germany.

He married Irmgard (Gardy) Goeritz of Berlin, Germany. They have one daughter and one son.

In September 1955, he migrated to Australia to take up a position as Wine Technician/Assistant Winemaker at G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, Orlando Wines, in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

During the period he has been with G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, he assisted in introducing Barossa Pearl and Spatlese and Auslese styles to Australia and the commercial application of winemaking techniques which have been proven successful on the European Continent.

During almost 25 years with G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, he has held various positions in the technical/production field. Since October 1979 his function was Managing Director.

He has been actively involved in the activities of the Barossa Valley Bacchus Club and was President for two terms in 1968 and 1969.

Since early 1971 he has been an Associate of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

In August 1976 the Australian Wine Board appointed him as the delegate of the Australian Wine industry to participate on the wine judging panel of the 22nd International Wine Show at Ljubljana, Yugoslavia.

Guenter also participated in the Fifth International Symposium for Winemaking Technique and Management at Auckland, New Zealand in 1977.

During 1978 and 1979 completed the Advanced Management Programme of the Graduate School of Business Administration at the Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Dr Rankine was engaged in technical research for the Australian Wine Industry for over 25 years, and was Officer-in-Charge of Technical Services at the Australian Wine Research Institute in Adelaide. He was born in Murray Bridge, South Australia, and holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from the University of Adelaide and Doctor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, and is the only non-American member of the editorial committee of the American Journal of Oenology and Viticulture.

He has published over 100 scientific and technical articles on wine in Australian and overseas journals, and is the author of a book on "Wines and Wineries of the Barossa Valley". He received the Award of Merit from the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology in 1973 for meritorious contributions to food science in Australia.

Dr Rankine was a national and overseas wine judge, a member of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin of Burgundy, a past cellarmaster of the Adelaide Bacchus Club, and a Rotarian. He has been involved with various committees in connection with the Australian wine and grape growing industries and has served as an advisor on oenological and viticultural education and research in Australia and overseas. For many years he was a part-time University lecturer in applied microbiology.

Induction: 09.08.1980

Dennis was born in Tanunda, South Australia on 20th November 1929, the son of Carl and Ida Reimann. He spent his early life on a mixed farm at Keyneton until 1940 when his widowed father moved to Angaston.

His secondary education at Nuriootpa High School was supplemented by home study and in subsequent years he was accepted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators, the Australian Society of Accountants and the Taxation Institute of Australia.

On 8th November 1952 he married Gwenda Hertha Klemm, daughter of Mr and Mrs Theo Klemm of Truro. They have two sons and a daughter.

Originally with the late John Dallwitz, Land, Estate Agent in Angaston for 11 years he specialised in taxation work. In 1956 he joined Yalumba as an Assistant Accountant and became enthusiastically involved in the wine industry. In 1971 was appointed Secretary of S Smith & Son Pty Ltd. He was appointed Director of S Smith & Son Pty Ltd and Associate Companies on 29th July 1971. Appointed General Manager on 1st April 1980.

Community Activities

  • President of the Barossa Winemaker Association, 1980

  • Had been an Executive Member since the formation of the Association including many years as a Treasurer and Secretary.

  • Member of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Executive, 1976-1980

  • Chairman of the Art Exhibition for the Festival, 1976-1980

  • Has acted on several special purpose sub-Committees for the Australian Wine & Brandy Producers' Association and also the Australian Wine Board.

Induction: 04.11.1994

Colin Reuter has had an abiding interest in singing and a long involvement with choirs in the District the Liedertafel, Gawler-Barossa Oratorio, Barossa Choralists and St Petri Church Choir, and in 1993 received the 30 years service award from the Australian Association of Male Voice Choirs.

Colin was also a founding member of the Kellermeister Choir, the predecessor of the Barossa Boys.

Colin has a long and distinguished record of service to the Barossa Community:

  • Nuriootpa Kindergarten

  • Nuriootpa Primary School (as Chairman of School Council he was heavily involved in the new school building project)

  • Barossa Valley Public Library

  • Barossa Valley Archives & Historical Association

  • Nuriootpa Town Band

He has also been active in the Barossa Valley Jaycees and the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley. In 1993, for services to Rotary, he as made a Paul Harris Fellow.

Induction: 10.03.1984

Born in the year 1930 and educated in South Australia.

As a young man, Robert developed an interest in the sport of cycling and in 1954 was South Australian Champion. To further his experience in this field he went to Europe in 1954 where he remained until 1958.

He then returned to Adelaide where in a short time he made his first venture into a small business meeting with a moderate success.

This continued through the sixties until 1971 when he decided to become "mine host" at "Leons" Bistro on the Parade, Norwood. Here, he found himself a new level of success and a pleasurable world to work in food and wines.

For twelve years he presented Barossa wines to a public who have accepted his advice and suggestions whenever good wines were to be consumed.

Robert has also been a great supporter of the Barossa Vintage Festival and the Vintage Auctions.

Induction: 15.10.2005

Louisa Rose grew up and was educated in Melbourne, spending weekends in the Yarra Valley helping to establish and run the family vineyard The Rising Vineyard near Yarra Glen.

After completing a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in physics, from Melbourne University, she relocated to South Australia and the Roseworthy College to study winemaking, graduating as dux in 1992. While studying at Roseworthy, she worked a vintage as a cellar hand at Yalumba at Angaston in the Barossa, and returned to join the team in January 1993. After a study tour of the winemaking regions of France and serving her apprenticeship with the Yalumba sparkling range, in 1995 she assumed responsibility for the flagship sparkling "Yalumba D", and shortly after, Yalumba white wines and Pewsey Vale Vineyard wines.

Her current focuses include the development work at Yalumba with the variety Viognier, and the creation of Yalumba's pre-eminent white wine The Virgilius Viognier, and the making of wines from the Pewsey Vale Vineyards.

Louisa's other interests include judging at regional, capital city and international Wine Shows, and an involvement with the promotion of the Barossa Region. In 1999 she was named Barossa Winemaker of the Year, and in both 2000 and 2005 a finalist for the Qantas/The Wine Magazine Winemaker of the Year. In 2004 she was named International Woman in Wine by the London based International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Louisa's industry activities include:

  • Chairman Barossa Wine Show Committee 1997-1999

  • Member of the Barossa Wine Show Committee 1993-2002

  • Member of the 1st Australian Viognier Symposium Committee, Barossa 2002

  • Convenor of "Classic Wine Dinner" for the Barossa Vintage Festival 2001, 2003 & 2005

  • Member of the Organising Committee for the 12th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference 2004

  • Member of Programming Committee for 11th & 12th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference 2001 & 2004

  • Member of the Provisor Facility Advisory Committee

Induction: 06.11.1998

Peter commenced work in the Wine Industry as a clerk with SA Grapegrowers Cooperative Ltd on 8th November 1954.

In 1956 Ian Hickinbotham joined the Cooperative and over the next 6 years it expanded at a dramatic rate and Peter who was studying accountancy, rose to the position of Assistant Company Secretary.

He resigned from the Company on 30th September 1962, to travel overseas and broaden his horizons.

In June 1964 Peter was contacted by Ian Hickinbotham, who was now General Manager of the Cooperative, asking if he would like to rejoin the Company in the newly formed marketing department.

He recommenced employment in 1964 and during the next 4 years, worked very closely with the Cooperative Chairman, the late Oscar Semmler in setting up agencies for Kaiser Stuhl Wines in all States.

In 1982, following the takeover by Penfolds, he was appointed Manager Buyers Own Brandand from 1987 until 1991 in addition to Buyers Own Brand, Peter was responsible for the Penfolds label in the USA which involved frequent trips visiting the importer and distributors.

Peter has been actively involved in:

  • Former Treasurer, Barossa Valley Public Library

  • Nuriootpa Festival Ball (heavily involved in arranging the ball for next years Festival)

  • President, newly formed Nuriootpa Regional Community Association

  • Former Committee Member, Barossa Winemakers Association (together with Robin Sinclair was the driving force behind the Barossa Promotion in Sydney in 1981 which included the famous train trip from Nuriootpa to Sydney 36 hours of Party time)

  • Life Member, Nuriootpa Football Club and Nuriootpa Bowling Club

Induction: 04.04.2013

Kevin Scarce was born in Adelaide in 1952 and spent his early childhood in Woomera. He was educated in Elizabeth East Primary School and then at Elizabeth High school, from where he joined the Royal Australian Navy in1968. 

After graduating from the Naval College, Kevin served in HMAS Sydney in Vietnam and then undertook courses in the United Kingdom in 1973. He returned to Australia and then served at sea in HMA Ships Vendetta, Yarra and Duchess. In 1975 Kevin was posted ashore to HMAS Watson where he married Elizabeth Anne Taylor. They have two children, Kingsley and Kasha.

His career continued with non- stop engagements in the United Kingdom, Washington DC and Australia which included establishing the first Navel Staff course in Australia, taking command of HMAS Cerberus and a posting on HMAS Perth. His stellar naval career continued unabated through to 2004 during which he enjoyed a long list of notable achievements too numerous to mention here. In 2004 he retired from the Navy with the rank of Rear Admiral.

Following retirement Kevin formed and led the South Australian Government team charged with expanding the States defence business opportunities. In 2005 the team was successful in winning the contract from the Federal Government to build Warfare Destroyers at the ASC.

On 8th August 2007 Kevin Scarce was sworn in as Governor of South Australia.
Personal awards:

  • 1994 Conspicuous Service Cross
  • 2001 Member of the Military Division of the Order of Australia
  • 2004 Officer of the Military Division of the Order of Australia
  • 2008 Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia

Kevin is a keen golfer, with aspirations well beyond his ability, likes to keep fit, collects fine red wines and enjoys reading. Kevin has a long association with the Barossa, having had friends in the region since child hood and his mother occasionally worked in the vineyards. During his time as Governor he has taken every opportunity to promote the Barossas food and wine, particularly in China, the US and the UK.

The Barons welcome Kevin Scarce to the Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.


Induction: 17.03.1978

Born in Tanunda on 7th September 1926. Educated at Tanunda Primary School, Nuriootpa High School and Gawler Adult Education Centre.

Married Adeline Neldner and has two children.

Community involvement:

  • Agriculture Bureau Member (life), 38 years

  • Tanunda Lutheran School Committee Member until 1971 (including term as Deputy Chairman)

  • Barossa Co-operative Dairymen Ltd Committee Member and Deputy Chairman from early 1950's to the early 1960's

  • Barossa Valley Historical Society Member and Committee Member for 6 years

  • St John's Lutheran Church Chairman for 19 years

  • Sunday School Superintendent until 1977


  • Appointed to board of Directors of Barossa Co-operative Winery Limited, 11th December 1957, Deputy Chairman, 23rd February 1967 and Chairman as from May 1972

  • Executive Member and 2nd Vice President, Australian Wine and Brandy Producers Association

  • Member of Australian Wine Board

  • President, Wine and Brandy Co-operative Producers Association

  • President, Barossa Winemakers Association

Service Clubs:

  • Inaugural and Charter President of the Apex Club of Tanunda (now Apex Club of Barossa Valley) District 3, Zone 8

  • District Governor of Apex and honorary Member of the above Club.

  • President elect, Rotary Club of Barossa Valley

Awarded Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal, 1977

Induction: 06.11.1998

Geoff Schrapel is a sixth generation Barossan whose family were among the first to settle in Bethany in the 1860's. Geoff gained a technical scholarship to study agriculture and agricultural technology at Roseworthy Agricultural College. In 1974 he travelled overseas to investigate winemaking techniques, wine styles and viticultural practices in the USA, Italy, Germany, France, Yugoslavia and the USSR.

After graduation Geoff spent vintages working at Penfolds and Orlando in the Barossa before moving to McWilliams Wines in the Hunter Valley as assistant manager/winemaker.

Geoff returned to the Barossa in 1977 as Liaison Manager at Leo Buring which saw him purchasing premium quality grapes from 350 grapegrowers, scheduling fruit intakes and encouraging growers to strive for premium quality. At the same time he and brother Robert were assembling the beginnings of their own family winery, Bethany Wines which had its first vintage in 1981.

Geoff has been a particularly active contributor to the Barossa wine industry. He was elected Chairman of the Barossa Winemakers Association in 1996 and during his two year term put in place a far-sighted Barossa Wine Marketing Strategy to promote the region. He was also instrumental in finalising the Geographic Indications of Barossa, Barossa Valley and Eden Valley.

Geoff has been a long serving member of the SA Wine and Brandy Producers Association, the Barossa Winegrape Industry Advisory Committee and the Barossa Wine Marketing Committee. He is also a member of the Barossa Rotary Club and a Justice of the Peace.

Induction: 20.06.1986

Max Schubert was born in the small village of Moculta near the Barossa Valley in 1915. He was a direct descendant of a German family who migrated to Australia in 1860.

At the age of 16 he joined Penfolds at Nuriootpa as messenger boy and as a junior laboratory assistant. Three years later he was transferred to Magill to further his education in winemaking generally, and in 1938 was appointed assistant winemaker.

In 1949 he was the first non-Penfolds family man to be sent abroad to study winemaking. On his return he introduced and developed modified techniques and processes applicable to all Penfold wines and production centres, particularly Grange Hermitage. A further visit abroad followed in 1957, again resulting in an upgrading of quality wine production for his company. He was appointed National Production Manager in 1960 and was responsible for reorganising all Penfolds production centres throughout Australia, including vineyards. At this time he was also appointed General Manager for South Australia.

In 1962 he was entrusted with the establishment of vineyards and wine production for Penfolds in New Zealand and shortly afterwards, was invited to join the Boards of both companies as Technical Director for Australia and New Zealand. He was also appointed to the Board of the principal shareholder of Penfolds.

In 1984 Max Schubert was awarded the Order of Australia (AM) for services to the Wine Industry.

Induction: 21.10.1988

Born in the Barossa Valley in 1946, educated at the Tanunda Lutheran Primary School and the Nuriootpa High School, married Thea.

Rod is a prominent South Australian painter, and through his artistic talents has contributed much to the region.

While employed on the family farm and in the building and wine industries, he painted part time until 1970 when he committed himself to full time painting.

He has had 13 one-man exhibitions and over 25 mixed exhibitions and his works are held over 30 corporate collections throughout Australia.

Included are the collections of the State Bank of South Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Ayers Finnis, the Thomas Hardy Collection, Adelaide City Council and the AMP Society.

His works are in private collections overseas in Germany, USA, the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

He was an invited artist at an exhibition staged by South Australian Department of the Arts in Georgetown, Penang.

Community Interests:

  • Served on the Kellerfest/Weingarten Committee of the Vintage Festival Association.

  • He designed the official Vintage Festival poster in 1983.

  • Designed and directed the construction of the “iron lace bandstand décor which is now a permanent feature of the Tanunda Show Hall.

Induction: 10.10.2015

Dr Josef (Pepi) Schuller MW was born and raised in Burgenland, Austria.

He undertook Business studies in Vienna followed by Wine Marketing research and obtained a Ph.D at Stellenbosch, South Africa in 1986 – 1987.

He was also a Fulbright scholar at Berkley, California.

In 1988 he was a consultant for the Robert Mondavi Winery.

In 1989 he became the founding Managing Director of the Austrian Wine Academy, a position which he has retained to the present time.

Josef was made a Master of Wine in 1998 and was the Chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine 2008 – 2010.

He is by profession a Wine Educator.

Induction: 30.01.1975

Community leader and classically trained winemaker, Bill Seppelt provided a conduit between the Barossa and its Old World winemaking foundations. Bill was the great grandson of Joseph Seppelt who migrated from Silesia, Germany in 1849 and established the Seppeltsfield empire.

A graduate of Trinity Grammar School in Melbourne, he served his apprenticeship at the family's winery at Great Western in Victoria as well as Seppeltsfield. In 1935 he travelled overseas to study at the Ecole Nationale D'Agriculture, Montpellier and the University of Montpellier, France. A plan to study in Spain was cut short by Civil War and he narrowly escaped Bloody Sunday in Madrid 1936.

He was appointed Manager of Seppeltsfield in 1940, becoming the custodian of the world's oldest collection of tawny ports for the next 30 years.

Despite his winemaking skill, Bill is best remembered in the Barossa as the inspiration behind the Barossa Vintage Festival. He brought the idea of a vintage thanksgiving from Europe and organised the first Vintage Festival Ball in 1947, to re-unite the community after World War II.

In 1967 Bill was honoured by induction to the Commanderie Du Bontemps Du Medoc Et Des Graves, at Chateau Margaux, France.

Induction: 20.06.1986

Karl was born in Perth on 26th January 1930. He came to the Barossa in 1948 where in ancestors had settled and prospered. Attended Roseworthy College from 1949 to 1954. His interest in the wine industry presented Karl with many opportunities.

He became Director B Seppelt & Sons, 1957-1985 and Managing Director Grand Cru Estate, Winemakers, 1981 to present.

  • Chief Viticulturalist, B Seppelt & Sons Limited, 19541972

  • General Manager, B Seppelt & Sons Limited, 19731979

  • Managing Director, B Seppelt & Sons Limited, 1979-1985

  • Member, South Australian Grape Industry Advisory Committee, 1968-1977

  • Member, Council of the Australian Wine Research Institute, 1975-1977

  • Chairman, Council of the Australian Wine Research Institute, 1977-1980

  • Member, Australian Wine Board, 1975

  • Deputy Chairman, Australian Wine Board, 1979-1980

  • Deputy Chairman, Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, 1981-1985

  • Chairman, Wine Executive Committee, South Australia Jubilee 150, 1981-1985

  • Member, Council and Executive Committee, Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia

  • Chairman, Wine Committee, RAHS of SA, 1980-2001, Member since 1973

  • Elected Member, Australian Wine and Brandy Producers' Association, 1973 to winding up

  • Senior Vice President, Wine and Brandy Producers' Association of SA Inc, 1989-1992

  • President, Wine and Brandy Producers' Association of SA Inc, 1992-1995

  • Executive, Australian Wine Foundation, 1989

  • Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SA Inc, 1984-1985

  • Deputy President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SA Inc, 1986-1987

  • President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SA Inc, 1987-1989

  • Board Member, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SA Inc

  • Chairman, Membership Committee

  • Winemakers Federation elected a "Patron of the Wine Industry"

Induction: 31.08.1990

Born in Victoria on 7 June 1913 and came to South Australia in 1951. Victor matriculated University of Melbourne Faculty of Commerce in 1937.

1951 joined the then South Australian Farmers Cooperative Union Ltd as Company Secretary

1978 retired from position of General Manager Finance & Administration Southern Farmers Holdings (Group) Ltd

1971 Member of syndicate that acquired O Basedow Wines as Director and Secretary occupying that position until 1988 following acquisition of Lehmanns, Hoffmans, Basedow by MS McLeod

1978 Committee Member of Barossa Winemakers Association, Acting Secretary and then Hon. Treasurer, which position currently held.


  • Represented Victoria in amateur football

  • Victoria and South Australia in athletics

  • Life Member SA Athletic Association

  • Intenational Walking Judge 1956-1983

  • Chief Judge at Munich Olympic and Christchurch Commonwealth Games

  • Member IAAF walking committee 1964-1980


  • Naval Military and Airforce Club

  • Rotary Club of Campbelltown

  • Australian Society of Accountants

Induction: 10.03.1984

Born in Adelaide during the Depression, Frank completed his schooling at Adelaide Tech and entered the workforce at 15 years of age.

In 1946, at the age of 23, Frank was offered and accepted a position as assistant to the engineer, Penfolds, Magill.

It wasn't long before Frank saw the need for improvements in the economics and expediency of wine cartage. In 1949 and backed by David Wynn, Frank saw the first tanker built. By 1960, he had expanded his services from one side of Australia to the other. He was the first to devise a way to carry SS storage tanks without damage and introduced bulk must cartage of mechanically harvested grapes direct from field to winery. He supplied insulated tankers and offered refrigeration during transport and was the first to promote tank farms.

In the 1970's Frank took up land at Clare where he has a flourishing vineyard.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Manager of Chateau Leonay Winery, Tanunda.

Reg Shipster was born in Melbourne on the 27th November 1916. Son of Frederick Palmer Shipster who first came to Australia in 1899 after studying at Montpellier, the famous centre of oenological learning in France. The family settled in the Barossa Valley in 1919 at the Kalimna Vineyards property.

After completing secondary school in 1933, he attended Roseworthy College, gaining Diplomas in Agriculture and Oenology. A short time was then spent gaining practical knowledge in the wine industry but this was interrupted by the Second World War. Reg joined the AIF in 1939 to serve in Great Britain, Lybia, Greece and Palestine, being finally discharged in 1944.

He joined that great wine man Leo Buring in Sydney in 1945, which was the year when Mr Buring bought the property at Tanunda which became known as Chateau Leonay. After working under the direction of Leo in Sydney for five years, Reg Shipster transferred to the Barossa to manage the Chateau Leonay winery.

Reg married Heather Isobel James in 1957.

Reg names wine appreciation his main hobby.

Induction: 20.10.2007

Peter attended the University of South Australia and after achieving a Marketing Degree worked in the corporate world for a number of years before taking up a position as Manager of the South Australian Wine Information Bureau in the mid 70's.He continued his own wine promotions after leaving the Bureau and designed the first wine course at Regency TAFE, lectured on wine and for a short time wrote on wine for the Sydney Morning Herald.

In 1978 he launched a national wine magazine called Winestate from Adelaide which will celebrate 30 years of publication in 2008. .

In 1983 Peter launched America's first colour wine magazine Wine & Spirit which at the time judged 1,000 wines each issue when Wine Spectator was black and white and only judged 300. Many American wine writers were introduced to Australian wines or had their interest peaked because of this magazine.

Throughout the years, Winestate has introduced many wine writers to the field. Most wine writers in Australia today began their writing careers either judging or writer for Winestate. Many of the rest wrote for Winestate at one time or another.

Peter has been a great support of Barossa wines. In the early years, when the Sydney magazine Wine & Spirit Buying Guide strongly supported the Hunter Valley, Peter was staunch in his promotion of the Barossa as the leading medal winner in Wine Shows and Winestate tastings.

Over the years, features such as the first Grange vertical tasting held, Grange vs Hill of Grace tasting, the Meschach vertical tasting and Band of Brothers tasting with Greenock Creek, Veritas and Three Rivers have continued to bring glory to the Barossa. The next issue of Winestate features a comprehensive feature on Elderton Command & Ashmead wines.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Peter as a Companion.

Induction: 16.04.1982

Robin was born on 15th July, 1944 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1968 with Touche Ross & Co, Adelaide.

He commenced in the Wine Industry in 1973 with Tolley, Scott and Tolley Ltd as Manager.

  • Director of Tolley, Scott and Tolley, 1977

  • Director of United Distillers Pty Ltd, 1980

  • Director Community Co-operative Store, Nuriootpa, 1978

  • Director Tourism Development Board, 1981

  • Member Barossa Valley Apex Club, 1974

  • President Barossa Valley Apex Club, 1979-1980

  • Vintage Festival Weingarten Chairman, 1977 and 1979 Festivals

  • Vintage Festival President, 1981

  • Committee Member of Adelaide Wine and Food Frolic Inc for five years

  • On Executive of Barossa Winemakers Association for a number of years

Induction: 20.07.1986

Keith grew up and was educated in Melbourne with tertiary qualifications in Applied Chemistry and Management.

His wine industry experience started when he took over as Chief Executive at Kaiser Stuhl (Barossa Co-operative Winery) in 1977, with virtually no prior experience with the Industry.

Kaiser Stuhl was identified as a strong, value for money brand, but an inconsistent performer. Lack of capital and management problems inhibited performance, both technically and financially.

Keith built up a strong management team with great emphasis on marketing, planning, quality and profit orientation. Corporate results improved dramatically and corporate image was similarly enhanced.

In order to strengthen position in the industry, he looked around for acquisitions, joint ventures or mergers.

Clarevale Co-op was acquired in a bid to expend raw material source and eventually discussions were held with Penfolds as a merger was seen to complement their market position. Grower shareholders were protected by term contracts for supply of grapes, and received a healthy capital gain on their shares in the co-operative.

During his period at Kaiser Stuhl, Keith worked with Wine & Brandy Co-operative Producers Association, Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation as a member representing co-operatives.

He has served as Vice President and Chairman of Finance Committee, Roseworthy Agricultural College.

Induction: 16.04.2015

Tyson Stelzer is a sixth generation descendent of an early Bethany settler and currently lives in Brisbane with wife Racheal and sons Linden and Huon. Number three is on the way.

Tyson is a multi award winning writer with an annual readership of four million. He is the author of fourteen wine books including the Barossa Wine traveller, is a regular contributor to fifteen magazines and is the host of a new television series, People of the Vines Barossa, which will screen nationally in late 2015 and globally in 2016.

He has presented at wine conferences in the UK, Japan, South Africa, NZ and Australia, is a regular judge and chairman at wine shows throughout Australia and is the co-creator of the Great Australian Red Competition designed to raise the profile of shiraz cabernet blends.  Interestingly, a Barossa wine has won the trophy five times in the last nine years. Tyson is also the author of the Barossa Wine School curriculum which is now taught around the world.

His wine writings have received many accolades:

  • 2008 Best Food and Wine Writer.  
  • 2011 International Champagne Writer of the Year.  
  • 2013 Best Trade or Technical Writer of the Year.  
  • 2013 Australian Wine Communicator of the Year.  
  • 2014 Best French Wine Book in Australia.  
  • 2014 Best Wine Book of the Year. 
  • 2015 International Wine and Spirit Communicator of the Year. 

Tyson is the Founder of the Teen Rescue Foundation whose aim is to discourage and reduce harmful alcohol use and its consequencesamong under age teens.

The Barons of Barossa welcome Tyson Stelzer into the Fraternity.

Induction: 07.11.2009

Barbara is a born and bred New Yorker who from an early age knew fate would lead her somewhere very special.  She landed her dream job at Doubleday, the top publishing company of the era, but Barbara wasn't ready to settle into a career path just yet.

So she went to Lake Tahoe Nevada, stopping along the way to complete a bachelor's degree in writing, then Scottsdale Arizona and finally Southern California.  While in California Barbara re-invigorated a worn out Hot Springs Spa business and for ten years she co-managed the business, building it into a thriving day resort with 9 pools and a 1000 person capacity.

It was there that fate intervened when Brian Storey arrived with a group of Australian travel agents on a familiarisation tour.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Hausler became Storey and they moved to Adelaide and soon after the couple settle in the Barossa.

In the Barossa, Barbara lectured in tourism at TAFE and ran customer service and sales workshops for wineries and hospitality staff.  She and Brian began a conference and event business, and she commuted t Adelaide for work until fate again intervened - a manager for the region's landmark event was needed.  She managed the Barossa Vintage Festival for 7 years - 3 Festivals and loved every minute of it.

Barbara also managed the first two Barossa Slow events and continued to work with the Barossa, wine, food and tourism industries.  She has been an invited speaker at wine tourism conferences in Spain, Margaret River and Queensland and was appointed to the SA Food and Wine Tourism Strategy Group.

Currently, she is the manager - communications and promotions for Barossa Grape & Wine Association.  And five years ago, on a sunny Winter's day in June, Barbara celebrated becoming an Australian Citizen with 50 or so friends, family and a glass or two of Barossa Shiraz.

Induction: 03.04.1975

The Honourable Berthold Herbert Teusner was born at Rosedale, South Australia on 16th May 1907. Educated at Tanunda private and public schools, Gawler High School, Immanuel College and University of Adelaide where he won the Barr Smith Prize for classical Greek and obtained the degree of Bachelor of Laws.

Married Viola H Kleemann on 12th May 1943.

A member of the District Council of Tanunda for 20 years and the Chairman for 17 years and Justice of the Peace since 1939.

He represented the electorate of Angas in the South Australian House of Assembly for 26 years and holding the position of Speaker in the South Australian Parliament for 6 years and Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committee for 6 years.

He was an Honorary Associate Life Member of SA Branch of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and represented South Australia at the Association's conference in Jamaica in 1964.

  • Member of Board of Governors of Adelaide Botanic Gardens for 14 years

  • Member for South Australian National Fitness Council for 17 years

  • Member of Board Management of Immanuel College Council for 38 years

  • Member of Nuriootpa High School Council for 14 years

  • Member of South Australian Transport Control Board for 3 years

  • Member of Tanunda Institute Committee for 40 years

  • Member of Tanunda Liedertafel for 43 years

  • Chairman of each of the Advisory Comittees of Royal Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals, 1962-1965

  • Awarded Badge of Merit by SA Bands Association in 1969

Title of "Honourable" bestowed by Her Majesty in 1962 and in Her Majesty's Year's Honours 1972 was made a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order St Michael and St George (CMG)

Induction: 10.08.2014

Kym Teusner grew up on a sheep and cereal farm at Tailem Bend but it was his parents’ family ties to the Barossa that brought him here (they were married in the Strait Gate Church at Light Pass).

Kym studied business management at the Regency Park Hospitality School and worked in restaurants to pay his way. This was his first introduction to table wines and he was hooked.

After completing his course, he travelled overseas for 12 months and returned to to study for an Oenology Degree at the University of Adelaide. An internship followed at Torbreck.

Kym joined forces with Michael Page to establish Teusner Wines in 2001, while he was working for Rolf and Christa Binder. In 2005, Kym was awarded the Rhone Exchange scholarship by Wine Barossa, and he was able to travel through the Rhone Valley observing vintage techniques at various wineries.

In 2007 Kym and Michael decided to ‘go it alone’ and established their winery on Research Rd. They are now developing a new site on Samuels Rd.
 Kym’s winemaking credentials are significant.  His wines are consistently well received by local and international journalists and are regularly listed in the top 100 Aussie wines.

In 2007 - Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine Kemenys Award Young Winemaker of the Year and runner up for Winemaker of the Year in 2011.

In 2010 - The most successful exhibitor in the Barossa Wine Show.

Kym and wife Vanessa are heavily involved in supporting Novita Children’s Services and numerous other smaller charities both at home and abroad.

The Barons welcome KymTeusner to the Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.


Induction: 04.11.1994

Bruce started work in the Wine Industry in 1968 as a Laboratory Technician for Yalumba Wines. Then in 1970 moved to Seppelts Wines at Seppeltsfield in the central laboratory and then in 1978 was given the opportunity to join Orlando Wines.

Bruce has been Public Relations Manager for Orlando Wines since 1987 based in the Barossa, taking a very active interest in promoting tourism to the area but also preserving the heritage of the Barossa's founders.

Bruce is very aware of the increasing value of Tourism to our State and to the Barossa. Most of these visitors come to our Cellar Door Sales and public Relations Centres where they receive their first critical taste of the Barossa.

Bruce has been involved in a number of community activities over the years and is still active in a lot of them:

  • Barossa Vintage Festival Board Member, 1991

  • Tanunda Town Day Committee Member, 1987, 89, 91, 93, 95, 97

  • Barossa Winemakers Committee since 1995

  • Committee for Barossa under the Stars

  • Winner of Regional Tourism Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Individual, 1997

  • SA Great Performance Award, 1989

As a Member of the Tanunda Town Day Committee, helped in the fund raising to build the Tanunda Rotunda.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Hermann Thumm was born into a vintner family, established by his father as a new branch of many generations of vintners, in the lovely Neckar Valley, a tributary of the Rhine.

Following World War I, an attempt was made to settle back for a re-start at the old family domain, but disturbed by the unstable conditions, Hermann as the youngest member of the family sought to see the world and try his luck in foreign countries. Fate led him to Persia, home of the Shiraz grapes.

Before long he was uprooted again by events beyond his control, and destiny finally brought him to the lovely Barossa Valley, where he settled in 1947 to make a fresh start for the third time.

Secondary education, followed by Agriculture Technical Institute with emphasis on viticulture, had given him a solid foundation for the task ahead, and he gradually built up a remarkably successful enterprise amid the peaceful conditions he found so welcome.

He married Ingeburg, daughter of the late Reverend and Mrs Th Hebart, of Tanunda. They were blessed with two sons, Robert and Dieter.

Hermann Thumm's interests embrace promoting the fine arts, a love for antiques and the furthering of tourism.

Induction: 12.03.1976

Peter Tolley was born in Adelaide on 6th June 1920. He was educated at the Collegiate School of St Peter, Adelaide. On leaving that college he spent two years training under the Director of the SA Department of Chemistry, specialising in analytical chemistry.

He entered the family brandy distillation company as Quality Control Officer and later became Director in Charge of Production.

Peter has been closely involved in wine industry organisations as a President of the Wine and Brandy Producers' Association of South Australia and a delegate from this State to the Federal Wine and Brandy Producers' Council, of which he has been Treasurer. For several years he was a representative of the wine industry on the Council of the SA Chamber of Manufacturers, now the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A long time member of the Bacchus Club of Adelaide, he was a foundation member of the Beefsteak and Burgundy Club of Norwood and a member of the Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia.

He was a keen boating enthusiast, being a member of the Royal SA Yacht Squadron.

Induction: 17.04.2001

Ivan has been a Member of the South Australian Parliament since 1990 and has since played an important role to ensure the progress of his rural community.

Ivan was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Mines & Energy SA in 1996 and a Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee for Yumbarra National Park in 1997.

Ivan has served as Chairman in the Parliament's Environmental Resources & Development Committee and as President and Member of various parliamentary and community committees and associations.

He has been active in:

  • 10 years Local Government, District Council of Crystal Brook/Redhill

  • Chairman, Animal & Plant Control Board

  • Ministerial Appointment, SA Rural Advisory Board

  • Member Agricultural Bureau and was for 6 years appointed to the Advisory Board of Agriculture

  • State Delegate for the SA Farmers Federation

  • Justice of the Peace; and

  • In his spare time he includes himself as a Member of the Kapunda Bowling Club

He has been a keen supporter for the wine and wine-tourism industry and has endeavoured to promote the Barossa and Barossa wine at every available opportunity.

Induction: 23.10.1992

Gerald Viergever, a colourful eccentric with a penchant for even more colourful bow ties and beautiful women.

Gerald was born in the Netherlands. He started his working life as anapprentice hand compositor. After coming to Australia he went to workextensively in printing, advertising and film.

Purchasing the old Lutheran liturgical printing house Auricht's, madehim move to the Barossa. Here his involvement with the VintageFestival, the Bacchus Club and the Nuriootpa High School Wine Program,saw him invested as a Baron in 1992.

Since 1977 he turned Auricht's into AQaustralia, a world leading company in environmentally responsible printing.

Gerald now lives in "the pub with no beer" an old Temperance Hotel inKeyneton in the High Barossa. Once the headquarters of The Band of Hopeand Total Temperance.

Presently he is turning the stables into an art print studio and returning to the beginnings of his printing career.

Induction: 16.04.1982

Martin was born in Brunswick, Victoria on 13th December 1924 to Stanley Martin Voake, son of Herbert Voake late of Somerset, and Agnes Isobel daughter of Ludwig Johannsen late of Oslo, Norway.

In 1948 he married Joan and has one daughter and one son.

Educated at Moreland Primary School, Victoria, Melbourne Boy's High School, matriculating in 1939 and later attending A E Speck Accountancy College.

  • Cost Accountant for Wesclox (Aust) Pty Ltd, 1947-1949

  • General Merchant, fuel distributor at Forrest in the Otway Ranges, 1950-1958

  • Business Management Accountant for Victoria for Massey Ferguson (Australia) Pty Ltd, 1958-1964

  • Practising Management Consultant, Voake, Downs & Co at Boronia, Vic, 1964-1972

  • Past Manager of Karrawirra Wines, 1973-1977

  • Secretary/Organiser Barossa Valley Vintage Festival, 1978

  • Secretary Barossa Winemakers Association, 1978

After moving to the Barossa, Martin became involved in the following community activities:

  • Secretary, Tanunda AH & F Society, 1974-1978

  • Vice President, Tanunda AH & F Society, 1978

  • President Barossa Valley Tourist Association, 1980

  • Executive Member Barossa Valley Branch Arts Council, 1980

  • Member of the Barossa Valley Jubilee 150 Planning Committee, 1981

  • Member of Tanunda Band Contest Committee, 1980 and 1981

  • Member representing the Festivals Industry of South Australia on the State

  • Government Tourism Development Task Force, 1981

Induction: 21.10.1988

Peter was born in Paddington, NSW. He was educated by a religious order, and studied for the Institute of Chartered Accountants at Yorston Fortesque College. He was first employed in the accounting profession but resigned in 1961 to join S Smith & Sons Pty Ltd as a cellar hand, awarded a Wine Board scholarship and took leave of absence to attend Roseworthy Agricultural College and returned to Yalumba in 1965.

In 1972, he has appointed Production Manager on the retirement of Rudi Kronberger and in 1976 appointed Production Director.

He has been active in the following areas:

  • President of Light College of TAFE (Gawler to Clare area)

  • Past member of Roseworthy and Riverina Viticulture and Oenology Course Advisory Committees

  • Member of the Phylloxera Board of South Australia

  • Past Member of the Barossa Wine Grape Advisory Council

  • Past Member of the Barossa Vine Improvement Committee

  • President of the South Australian Wine and Brandy Producers Association

  • A delegate to the Australian Wine and Brandy Producers Association

  • Chairman of the State Wine and Brandy Producers Association Industrial Affairs Committee.

Peter enjoys travel and in particular to winemaking areas of Western Europe and North America, and has a keen and active interest in the cultures of Italy and China. He has studies Mandarin Chinese.

Induction: 23.10.1992

Brian Waples has been involved with the wine industry for over 25 years. After commencing his working life in banking and finance, Brian spent time with Kaiser Stuhl/Penfolds, Grant Burge Wines and is currently working with the Lindner Group as well as consulting to the wine industry.

Brian has always been active in promoting the Barossa, its fine wines, heritage and lifestyle. In addition to his working roles Brian has been involved across community and industry with support roles including:

  • Chairman, Barossa Valley Vintage Festival

  • Executive Member, South Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation

  • Nuriootpa High School Council

  • Barossa Village Homes

  • Baron of the Barossa

  • Additionally, Brian has presented papers at Adelaide University on wine industry production and finance issues

Brian, together with his wife Virginia and children Ryan and Teegan, have found time to develop their premium Eden Valley property by saving some 100 year old shiraz vines and now release a family produced wine under the label of "Swingbridge".

His favourite investment tip has always been "for every week of your working life put one bottle of wine in your cellar for retirement".

Induction: 31.08.1990

Born 25th July 1947 at Semaphore, South Australia.

Warren is a member of a well known Australian wine family.

Grandfather "Harry" worked with many wine companies throughout Australia starting in the 1920's and including his own winery at Greenock in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Father Ken graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College in 1942 and has worked with several wine companies in Australia.

Uncle Ray graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College after World War II and has his own winery in the Barossa Valley.

Uncle Dudley has managed vineyards for Yalumba for many years.

Warren was raised at Magill, amongst the vineyards where the Penfolds' founder first established vineyards.

Warren undertook 2 years of an agricultural course at Roseworthy Agricultural College, South Australia followed by a 2 year Oenology course, graduating in 1968 with second class honours from Roseworthy Agricultural College. He also spent one year in graduate and post graduate work at Davis University, California, USA studying Oenology, Viticulture, Food Science and Economics.

From 1968 Warren worked in a series of wineries at Magill, Reynella and the Coonawarra in South Australia, as well as wineries in Western Australia, Victoria and the Napa Valley in California, USA.

More recently, he has spent several years at Penfolds Wines Pty Ltd with the responsibility of quality assessment, quality control packaging and distribution. He has been an active member in the Barossa community.

Induction: 03.04.1975

Son of Alfred and Ann Wark, and grandson of Johann Heinrich Wark, migrant from Bremen, Germany, who initially farmed at Hope Valley, South Australia, joined in the Gold Rush of the late 1850's and finally settled with his family in Chiltern, Victoria.

Alfred was educated at Chiltern, Parkes Convent School, New South Wales, Hassetts Business College and Melbourne University. In 1942 he married Viola Bathgate.

  • Secretary to S Smith & Son Pty Ltd and Secretary and Director of Yalumba Associated Companies, 1946-1971

  • One of the founders of the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association and a member of the Committee of Management from its inception in 1948-1968

  • Honorary Life Member of Bacchus Club, Adelaide

  • Honorary Life Member of Barossa Valley Bacchus Club

  • Honorary Life Member of SA Fly Fishers Association

  • Founder and Committee member Barossa Valley Anglers Club

  • Committee Member Gawler and Barossa Jockey Club, 27 years

  • Honorary Life Member from 1973

  • Foundation President Wine Service Guild of South Australia

  • Elected Honorary Life Member in 1968

  • Associate Guild of Sommeliers, London

  • Author of "Wine Cookery" and "Sea Foods ofAustralia", and was a regular contributor to Gourmet magazines and thepress on matters appertaining to wine and food.

Induction: 10.08.2014

James Wark was born and bred in Angaston. He is married to Di and they have a daughter, Marni and a son, Sam.

A Chartered Accountant (ACA), James graduated from the School of Business at Stamford University in the U.S. and with a Bachelor of Economics from Adelaide University. 

In 1979, James returned to the Barossa where he spent the next 26 years at Samuel Smith and Sons, largely as Group Commercial Director.

His current roles include Chairman of Directors, Director, business advisor, mentor to various businesses and a Stonewell Road grape grower. 

James lists some of his highlights as:

  • returning to the Barossa in 1979 and making life long friends 
  • being named the Signatory for the 1996 Yalumba The Signature, 
  • his grapes making the Teusner Wark Family Shiraz and having the label painted by daughter Marni. 
  • working with Peter Clarke for 7 years to present the “If You Are Game” lunches at Vintners
  • and playing football for Angaston in the 1969 Premiership side.

James has had a strong and steady influence on the Barossa business community.  He was chairman of Barossa and Light Regional Development Board, Foundation chairman of Barossa Horizons, Joing Found of the Barossa Regional Residents Association and the Barossa Future Leaders program. 

The Barons welcome James Wark to the Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.

Induction: 20.04.2017

Shavaughn was introduced to wine by her grandfathering, winemaker and managing director at Mildara. 

She arrived in the Barossa from the Yarra Valley just after the 2003 vintage, with her husband Randall just after the 2003 vintage. They now have 3 boys.

She has been making wine at Saltram since 2005 and has been chief winemaker since 2008 when she was awarded a Len Evans Scholarship. 

With a slew of winemaking awards in the ensuing years, Shavaughn was named 2016 Winestate Winemaker of the Year. 

She has been on the Barossa Wine Show Committee since 2006 and is currently co-chairman of the Show Committee.  

She thrives on the history of winemaking at Saltram and, in turn, the Barossa. 

Shavaughn has been part of the tasting for the Barossa Grounds project, recognising that challenge and discovery generates as many questions as answers. She said, "This is why I love living and making wine in the Barossa. For its generous, curious people and beautiful fruit.”

The Barons of Barossa welcome Shavaughn Wells to the Wine Fraternity.

Induction: 25.04.2003

Philip is a writer and broadcaster.

Philip's first visit to the Barossa, as a journalist, was 25 years ago when he came to write about Yalumba's radical new computer system for the quarterly IBM magazine.

Within a few years he was living in a heritage cottage at Dutton, writing what was Australia's most influential wine column in the National Times. In spite of tasting at the hands of the PR spin-doctors, he claimed to learn more about the wine industry drinking beer with tanker drivers in the top pub at Truro, and he learned most about drinking beers in the old Buick he co-drove with Peter Lehmann in the 1988 Redex Rally.

Philip was a vital battler for the retention of the precious old shiraz, carignan, cinsault, mataro and grenache vines in the face of the notorious vine pull scheme, and was, behind the scenes, instrumental in forming the Barossa Residents Association, which eventually forced the Government to put an end to that destruction.

In the years since, Philip has written passionately and honestly about the Barossa in most of Australia's major newspapers and many magazines, local and international. His decade broadcasting on the ABC was special for its knowing references to Barossa life, religion and agriculture. His controversial commitment to environmental conservatism in viticulture, the protection of aquifers in the face of deadly salinity, and the preservation of the culture that makes the Barossa unique, is exemplary, tireless and ongoing.

Induction: 01.11.1996

Mal started work as a commercial artist in Adelaide and after a series of career changes and gaining business management qualifications, undertook several major management reviews for the State Government.

In 1983, he accepted an invitation to take up a senior management position in the Barossa and is currently the General Manager of Lynas Valley Ford. Since living in the Barossa, Mal has been an active member in the community supporting and promoting the Barossa.

Community highlights include:

  • President of the Barossa Vintage Festival, 1995 and 1997

  • Created Barossa Under the Stars

  • Winner of 1998 Harry Dowling Award for Tourism Excellence

  • President of the Tanunda Town Band, 1988-1996

  • Life Member and Patron of the Tanunda Town Band

  • Chairman of Tanunda Town Day, 1989, 1991, 1993 and 2003

  • President of the Rotary Club of Barossa District, 1987-1988

  • Member of the Barossa Wine and Tourism Association Board, 1994-1997

Induction: 20.10.2007

Andrew was born in Ararat in Western Victoria, attended Ararat High School and then attended University in Ballarat where he studied for a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemistry), graduating in 1973.  It was then, while doing vacation work at B Seppelt & Sons in Great Western, that he decided to purse a career in the wine industry.

Upon the advice of a family friend, Colin Preece, he and his wife Wendy moved to the Barossa, where he worked for Jim Irvine in the cellar and laboratory at Krondorf Wines.  After doing 3 vintages under Jim, Andrew started the Oenology course at Roseworthy  (the same year he and Wendy were married).

Upon graduation in 1976, rather than return to Krondorf, he was assigned to sister company, Saltram where his long association with Peter Lehmann began.  He became Peter's right hand man in 1978 and embarked on a rather steep and rapid learning curve.

This was a difficult time in the wine industry and for well documented reasons, Peter gathered a few of his trusted band up at the end of 1979 to move to Tanunda and built Peter Lehmann Wines. 

Wig has been in charge of winemaking at Peter Lehmann since then and together with the team and a loyal band of Barossa growers, has helped to establish a strong, successful brand that is recognised world wide. 

His career highlights have been many but include the Jimmy Watson trophy in 1990, International Winemaker of the Year in 2003 and 2006 as well as Barossa Winemaker of the Year in 2001.

Andrew's wife Wendy and two of their three children also work in the wine industry it is very much a family affair.

His skill as a winemaker combined with his ability to make anyone he meets welcome makes Wig an outstanding Baron of the Barossa. 

Induction: 20.06.1986

Graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College 1954 with Diploma in Agriculture with Honours in Horticulture.

  • Managed and owned Horticulture properties at Berri SA, 1954-1968

  • Appointed Viticulture Supervisor for G Gramp & Sons Pty Ltd, 1963

  • Appointed National Vineyard Manager, 1971

  • Viticulture and General Service Manager for Orlando Wines, 1980

  • Operations Director for Orlando Wyndham Group, 1988-1990

  • Retired from wine industry, 1990

Community interests:

  • Nuriootpa High School Council

  • Life Member of Apex

  • Committee Member and President Barossa Vintage Festival

  • While in semi-retirement, assisted his wife Margaret, in the management of Huntworth Bed & Breakfast 1991-1999.

Current major interest is in cancer support.