2016 Declaration of Vintage

Thursday, February 25, 2016

This day 12 months ago we were here looking towards vintage 2015. It looked like it would be pretty good - we had had some rain, and the healthy vines were moving along quickly.

And quickly it continued: viticulturists and winemakers had to move fast with the rapid ripening to harvest grapes at their optimum. While not quite the earliest start that we have seen in the Barossa, it was still early and quick. By the second week of a balmy March many had all but finished picking

2015 whites are showing delicate persistent flavours and varietal character framed by taut acidity, the reds have strong colours, good balance and rich flavours, with great structure that will make them lovely young wines and that will keep them fresh and long lived. 2015 was a great Barossa vintage.

So what of 2016?

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